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Tuesday Challenge: Use what you have right NOW to get what you want

Let's get this party started.

Each year, we start the holiday season off with one roaring BANG with Thanksgiving. We gather to eat our favorite foods, surround ourselves with our favorite people, and celebrate the breathtaking practice of gratitude.

Let that celebration begin today. 

Before any amount of fear, stress, insecurity, or ego hijacks this holiday season, decide right here and now to hand it directly to gratitude instead. We talked about this last week: the holidays are about magic. About paying close enough attention to every precious moment as to not to miss the miracles happening right before your very own sparkling eyes. When you take it one step further and actually infuse this gratitude into your very beautiful being, then you yourself become a vehicle of attraction, a crusader of manifestation, and a creator of miracles.

Read on to get started.

The universe adores grateful people. 

When you actively express gratitude, you raise the vibrations around you to a higher frequency, emanating positive energy out into the world. The universe picks up on these strong frequencies immediately and thinks to itself How can I bring more of this about in your life?! More, more more! Then, it takes a moment to center itself, focus its very hardest on the task at hand, and figure out exactly how, where, and, when it can bring more positive experiences into your world that will keep that vibrational pulse buzzing. Then it gets to work.

When you actively express gratitude, you become fully magnetic to what you desire, bringing more of what you appreciate into your life and, therefore,  speeding up the process of manifesting your dreams.

Giving thanks, whether directly to someone, internally to yourself, or sent out into the universe, is a tool you have right this very second to shine light on and amplify the blessings that exist in your life. Recognize the power of this tool! You have the ability to turn challenges into gleaming possibilities, problems into creative solutions, and losses into bountiful gains! That's pretty impressive. And the more you take a moment to step back, notice, count the miracles present in your life, and maybe, just maybe, engage in a little victory booty shaking when that gratitude starts to overwhelm your physical body, the more these blessings will flow in and the more there will be to be grateful for.

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