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Recipe: Detox Your Deodorant

We all have heard the dangers of chemical deodorants, but many of us continue to use them anyway because, let’s face it, the natural stuff doesn’t always do the job and as much as we love being au natural, our co-workers don't quite appreciate it. None of us want to be soaked and stinky (except during bikram!) so it’s easy for us to turn a blind eye and roll on that smooth “summer rain,” “ocean breeze,” or “mountain fresh”, and then opt for the organic salad bar and call it even. But if your trusty go-to anti-sweat products were labeled “tantalizing toxic” or “carcinogenic breeze,” wouldn’t you think twice?

The way deodorant works is pretty simple – we apply it, it blocks our sweat glands, and we stay dry! Seems pretty straightforward right? But where does all of that sweat go? And why do we even sweat in the first place?


Sweat is our bodies’ preferred detox mechanism. When we sweat, we’re eliminating toxins, usually at the expense of our squeaky-clean pits. If the sweat glands in our armpits are blocked, then that sweat is re-circulated into our bodies via the lymphatic system, whose job is to gather up toxins and get rid of them. So when the lymphatic system’s normal pathway to expel toxins is inaccessible, that toxic sweat begins to accumulate inside the body, often in the corners of our breast tissue closest to the armpit. This is why deodorants have been directly linked to breast cancer in so many cases – the aluminum used to plug our sweat glands is absorbed like a sponge by the soft lymphatic tissue in our glandular orbs, which causes gene mutations and has been linked to tumor growth.

Because deodorant is typically used on a daily basis, the frequent exposure to these toxic chemicals causes a deadly accumulation of non-metabolized carcinogenic compounds in our bodies. While the evidence is still considered inconclusive, science has shown that the use of deodorant containing aluminum-based compounds does play a role in the development of cancer. The increasing instances of breast cancer in males (the heaviest users of antiperspirant) are a reinforcing marker of the link between cancer and aluminum-based antiperspirants.

While aluminum has gotten the most attention as the dr. evil of deodorant, it is not the only offender in the team of deodorant toxins. In addition to antiperspirant aluminum, many deodorants contain some or all of the following toxic chemicals:

  • Propylene glycol - a slick chemical used to soften cosmetics that is known to cause damage to the central nervous system.
  • Parabens - a synthetic preservative and endocrine disruptor.
  • Pthalates - used to dissolve other chemicals, and give deodorants their consistency, while also disrupting endocrine receptors.
  • Triclosan – Classified by the FDA as a pesticide, triclosan is responsible for the de-odorizing effect of deodorant due to its antibacterial properties.


Our homemade recipe for chemical-free natural deodorant will keep unpleasant odors and bodily harm far, far away. Apply it anywhere you’d like! Why should your pits have all the fun?


(RECIPE) DIY Deodorant, Made with Love.

-1/4 cup coconut oil

-2 tblsp arrowroot starch

-1 tblsp baking soda (optional)

-20 drops essential oil


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