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How To Strengthen Your Body Intelligence

One of the core nutritional pillars of the Sakara philosophy is body intelligence: the strength, wisdom, and innate intelligence your body has to take care of itself.

This pillar is based on the fact that your body knows what it needs. It knows how to react to the information you feed it every second of the day. It knows how to allocate its resources, protect itself, and ask for the things it’s lacking. It knows how to heal, repair, restore, grow, and soar.

Your body knows - which means that you have to trust it.

If you treat your body well, feed it whole foods, move it consciously, and fuel it with love, it is going to be in the very best shape possible to take care of you. It can handle those happy hours, late night indulgences, and whatever else you throw its way. It can handle the ebb and flow of life and it can handle it with finesse.

Understanding and trusting in the superb intelligence of your body means committing to letting go of the fear, regret, counting, and planning. It means allowing the body to do its job, so that you don't have to.

Part of establishing this relationship with your body is amping up the volume on your body’s messages, so that the channels of communication are wide open. There are several ways to establish this connection and a lot of these aren’t rocket science, but they work - they really, really work. You just have to commit yourself to them fully to feel their power.

  1. Moments of quiet: meditation, visualization, journaling.
  2. Being IN your body: exercise, dance, spending more time naked, sex. 
  3. Eating clean, eating whole.

When you trust, respect, consider, listen to, have confidence in, and LOVE your body - your body will set you free.

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