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A Love Letter To Oil Of Oregano

I am in a serious relationship with Oil of Oregano.

I remember the day we met. It was Monday, July 7th 2015. My friend Cory introduced us. Some viral thing had just ruined my July 4th weekend and I was laid up in bed. I couldn’t bring myself to go out, so Oregano came to me. Cory had it Amazon Primed to my doorstep.

She explained to me that it was like a natural antibiotic and instructed me to take 5-6 drops in some nut milk, three times a day for the next few days. She warned me that it tasted horrendous but that it would kill most things in its path.

I can be a bit of a dare deviless, so I completely ignored her and decided to just drop some directly into the back of my very sore throat.






Take my word for it: hazing oneself into the Oil of Oregano club is a terrible plan. I felt like I had poured acid down my throat. But, the next day I woke up feeling better and I knew things would never be the same. I wanted Oregano in my life, on the regular.

When it comes to budding interpersonal relationships, I am not a fan of Google/Instagram/Facebook stalking as it can often cloud experiences or destroy spontaneity and surprise, but seeing as Oregano doesn’t have a beating heart or a complex mind, I decided to jump right in and research the new object of my affection. As it turns out, Oregano has been around the block.

Oregano has major street cred in the kitchen, but in natural medicine circles its oil form is considered a potent immunity and cleansing potion. Due to its active ingredient carvacrol, it’s considered Triple A: antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. Legit Oregano hails from the Mediterranean and its given name sounds a bit naughty, Origanum vulgare, which actually means “joy of the mountain.” That’s the name you want to see on the bottle you’re buying if you’re seeking its help in healing. Beware, not all Oregano is created equal and most oils sold in stores lack the cleansing and immunity properties you desire. To ensure your little dab will do, confirm it is of the wild Mediterranean variety (named above) or Thymus capitatus, which is like its cousin from Spain.

Now, everyone has his or her own ecosystem, and I’m a writer not a doctor, so it’s important to figure out if Oregano is for you. DoTerra, one of my favorite brands, has a very helpful cheat sheet here. For side effects and more science read here. And lastly, a special shout out for all those WebMD addicts, your objective medical expert even approves of this particular union between human and plant.

For 77 days and counting, I have dropped a little bit of Oil or Oregano on my tongue each morning and it turns out that I can live with the taste of overly spicy pizza in my mouth before breakfast if it means a healthier year. I have decided to fully commit to this ancient remedy, including it in my organic and natural morning self-care cleansing ritual alongside Joanna Vargas’ skincare line, Skin Owl Body OilV-MagicRishi teaDr. Frank Lipman’s Sustain shake and meditation.

I have to tell you, it feels so good to take my relationship with Oregano to the next level and announce our status to the world.

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