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Finally: The Answer To The Snack Debate.

People say all sorts of things about snacking: 'You have to snack to keep your metabolism up.' 'Mindless snacking is unnecessary calories.' 'Small, mini meals throughout the day is the best way to eat.' 'Snacking is an emotional habit.'

 Now, we definitely have a thing or two to say about snacking when it comes to optimal results in an ideal world. But, the truth is, we don’t live in an ideal world. Sometimes we don’t get enough sleep, we drink one too many martinis the night before, we get into fights with the people we love, we've got piles and piles and piles of work that keep us in the office super late, and we find ourselves having to rely on office sweets to stay awake. Every now and then, we decide to pick up a new exercise routine and absolutely kick butt at it; building lean, sexy muscles. Once a month, it’s that time of the month. Then sometimes (and for some of us, more than sometimes), we just get bored.

There’s stress, hormones, emotions, past not-so-productive eating patterns, aforementioned boredom, a peaked metabolism, low blood sugar levels, not enough water, the smell of fresh baked bread or pad thai... all of which affect our hunger levels.

The bottom line is: most humans snack. Whether it’s out of physical or emotional necessity, or physical or emotional non-necessity, it happens. And do you know what’s worse than mindless snacking? Mindless snacking on highly processed foods that are packed with dyes, chemicals, and other harmful additives (which are not only the last things you want in your sacred temple, but actually make you crave the junk even more the next day).

We get it. We’re human too. We work in an office all day long and are tempted by Seamless.com and bodegas on the regular to satisfy those daily (hourly) cravings. But we also know what it feels like when we are in the best shape ever, fueling our bodies (no matter how many times a day) with nothing but clean, nutrient dense, whole foods. That feeling is light. That feeling is power. That feeling is limitless.

With the launch of our brand new Clean Boutique, you can satisfy all of those cravings, fuel all of those late nights, and deal with life with foods you love (and that your body will love back).

It's our answer to the long lost Snack Debate, wrapped in the most beautiful packaging we could get our hands on, and sealed with LOVE.

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