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The Water Trend Everyone is #CurrentlyObsessed With...

We'd like to take a quick trip down memory lane: It's 2013, the early stages of Sakara are taking some of its first steps in healing bodies all along the East Coast. We have our nutritional pillars set in stone, our Detox Tea is still keeping our cells lean + clean, and our meals are getting more delicious by the day, while keeping their nutritional integrity in tact (Margharita Pizza anyone?). Results are the name of the game and people across the country are experiencing the transformational powers of the Sakara Life.

But the one thing that was missing, the one thing that was so integral to this healthy lifestyle that we had no control over, was the water our Sakaralites were drinking on a daily basis. Contamination from old pipes, infestations of unnecessary toxic fluoride and chlorine are doing the body more harm than hydrating good. And it's not just that -- heavy metals, pesticides of all sorts, fertilizers, microorganisms, and even e.coli and salmonella have been found running through the pipes of older cities' water systems. All things that do not belong in a healing body!

Enter the birth of Sakara Beauty Waterhigh quality spring water kissed with Bulgarian rose water, and the perfect daily dose of silica and 72 other essential trace minerals. After a long night's sleep of fasting and rejuvenation, the body becomes dehydrated - so upon waking, our Sakaralites start their days with a couple big gluggs of hydration to do the skin and organs so much good. We upped those hydrating powers by adding beautifying rose water and re-mineralizing our water with the most beautifying, nervous-and-endocrine-system calming elements on Earth. We hate to say it, but Beauty Water is our version of electrolyte-rich Gatorade - except so much tastier, healthier, sexier, purer, and just....better.

Flash forward: it's 2016, and this surfaces. As well as this, and this, and this, and this. Seems like the world has caught on, no?

Not quite. While the high quality rose oil in Sakara Beauty Water is so good for metabolism and inflammation, it's the combination of this beautifying ingredient with the 72 trace minerals that makes this water the winner it is.

Rose, in conjunction with silica + trace minerals, acts as an anxiety-soother by opening up the channels of the body to receive more light, and expel less angst. The trace minerals, such as magnesium, copper, fluoride, manganese, iodine, selenium, iron, zinc, etc., are seamlessly absorbed into the body with every sip, because they are in their electrolyte form. Silica, a super detoxifying mineral we've been drinking for years, actually helps make your water wetter  - a.k.a. helps your body absorb more hydration into the each cell for optimal performance and hydration. These three superpowers together are extremely anti-inflammatory and provide deep cellular hydration to plump the skin from the inside, out -- all in a morning's sip for the ultimate Sakara GLOW. 

Sakara Beauty Water also goes far more than skin -- or trend -- deep. It's a treatment for both body, and spirit. We recommend drinking it first thing in the morning to prepare the body in the most calming, loving way for the unpredictable day ahead. It's a type of meditation: a token of gratitude for where your body is at today, and not merely as an afternoon guzzle, just because a trend forecasting company told you so. Sipping Beauty Water is pure love and connection in a bottle.

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