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5 Foolproof Tips to Stay Healthy at Work

The office is a place where people often end up making excuses for unhealthy eating and exercising habits. However, I’m a firm believer of taking my healthy habits wherever I go, even if it means making small daily sacrifices and planning ahead. Even if I’m at work 70 hours a week and there is free food every single day, there are a few guidelines I’ve created to ensure I maintain optimal health even while at the office.


1. Bring your lunch with you. Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean you should eat it.


Just because the pizza is free and everyone else is eating is, doesn’t mean I’m going to also. People put such an emphasis on eating food just because it’s free, when really spending a few extra dollars on whole, unprocessed foods brought from home will give you the stamina to perform better on the job and think with a clearer head. And will save you money in the long run. Order a Sakara lunchbox to ensure that you have organic, fresh, energy-boosting meals to rely on every single day!


2. If you sit at a desk, take breaks frequently



I have a job that requires me to sit at a desk for ten hours a day, but if you were to tell me I have to sit at my desk for 10 hours straight I would look at you like you’re crazy. Sitting or standing for extended periods of time causes varicose veins, blood clots, and can even lead to heart disease. I aim to take a water or bathroom break, or just a two minute walk around the office, about two-three times per hour.


3. Bring a large mason jar or BPA-free water container to stay hydrated


It’s easy to forget to drink water throughout the day, especially in a high-pressure, fast paced environment. The reality is, it takes less than a minute to refill your water container, and in the long run staying hydrated will prevent exhaustion (and mindless snacking) later in the day. I try to refill an extra large mason jar about once an hour with water. Add in some sliced organic fruit or fresh herbs for a cleansing kick! Keep in mind that caffeinated beverage like coffee and tea are diuretics and will actually make you more dehydrated.


4. Find a workout routine that works with your lifestyle and commit to it


Some people can only workout at 5am before work, others prefer to hit the gym at night. Many people prefer exercising outdoors and incorporating physical activity like bike riding and yoga throughout the day, while others need a regimented, indoor workout led by a professional instructor. Whatever your niche is, own it and stick to it. I like to workout indoors and outdoors, but I know I am not a morning person so I plan ahead to workout in the evening.


5. Take the stairs, not the elevator


Elevators usually take a really long time to wait for anyway, so in the amount of time you would have been waiting for the elevator to arrive, you could have already been downstairs! Every little step counts.


Healthy snacks to always have around




      • A handful of raw nuts and an apple





      • Overnight oats in hazelnut milk with chia seeds, flax seeds, and goji berries





      • Garbanzo beans, apple cider vinegar, and chopped fennel





      • Celery, carrots, hummus, and chia seeds





      • Brown rice, broccoli, and hemp seeds



Katherine resided in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Missouri and Florida before returning to her native New York City roots to attend NYU in 2008. She was accepted into the Stella Adler Studio of Acting at Tisch School of the Arts, however decided to major in French after her first semester. Her studies abroad in France as well as her solo trip to Bali top her list of most memorable experiences. Katherine's professional background includes a marketing internship at Zagat and Google, various front of house positions at New York City's top restaurants, and an analyst role at a hospitality management advisory firm. Upon returning from Bali, her true calling to work in some capacity with natural food was confirmed. Since childhood, Katherine has always been fascinated by the direct correlation between what we eat and how we look and feel. Her innate interest in all things natural, from food to products, has shaped the holistic approach she takes in her daily life. Katherine doesn’t believe in diets or quick fixes, but rather sustainable lifestyle choices focused on clean foods that provide optimal nutrition.


Photo source: Ultralinx.

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