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5 Tips to Channel Your Goddess Energy While Eating

Our busy lifestyles can leave us strapped for time, desperately shoving our daily meals down while on the run. Are you stuck in the trap of eating breakfast in the car on your way to work, rushing to eat lunch at your desk while sending out a bunch of emails before your next meeting, and getting home exhausted at the end of the day only to stand in-front of the refrigerator and chow down anything and everything in sight that looks remotely edible? This definitely isn’t how a sexy goddess eats. It’s time to slam the breaks on these unconscious eating habits, and make mealtime a pleasurable and nourishing experience. Here’s how...


Tip #1: Don’t rush your meal.

Food is medicine, energy, hydration, and cellular nourishment. Treat mealtime like a sacred ceremony, where you allow yourself to slow down physically and mentally, so that you can fully embrace the food you are eating. It helps to plan out your meals over the weekend before the busy work week, schedule set times on your calendar to sit and eat, and prioritize time in the kitchen to cook something simply yet nutrient dense. Be thankful for and honor the food on your plate. It is a gift that maintains your wellbeing and promotes longevity. Cooking is an art that we need to practice to stay connected with nature, our food, and from where it was sourced. When you cook, you have the power to choose every ingredient that you put in your body! So be sure to include the essential and always delicious ingredient of LOVE!!!   


Tip #2: Engage all of your senses to get maximum pleasure and enjoyment out of what you are eating.

Pay attention to the vibrant colors on your plate, smell the fragrant aromas that make your mouth water, notice the textures on your palate (creamy vs. crunchy), and delight in the flavors as they excite your taste buds. In doing this, you appreciate food and the endless ways in which it serves you as a sexy goddess even more.   


Tip #3: Chew your food as thoroughly as you can (more than you think you need to).

It’s amazing to think that this simple act is the only voluntary part of the entire digestion process. The rest happens automatically, and our hard working GI tract can only do as good of a job as what we do with every bite. After all Sakaralite, you’re not just what you eat, but what you absorb. When you stay present in the moment, and chew your food consciously, you drastically increase the time it takes you to finish your meal, allowing you to recognize when you have had enough to eat, which prevents overeating and feeling guilty afterwards.


Tip #4: Be a graceful and mindful eater.

Mealtime can be as relaxing as a meditation session. Turn off your cell phone, get away from your laptop, leaving the office and any other distractions behind. Instead, sit somewhere quiet and peaceful, where you can truly connect with your body and food. Notice how you are feeling in this moment – stressed, emotional, or tense? If so, take a deep breath before each bite to unwind and release any energy blockages. Be grateful for the body that allows you to take on the day to your greatest ability, and for the foods that fuel everything you do with it.


Tip #5: Make mealtime something you really look forward to.

It’s all about creating a feel good environment that you actually want to spend time nourishing your body in. Set the tone by dressing up your dinner table all pretty, light candles to get in a sexy goddess mood, and play your favorite tunes to lift your spirits. Clean eating can be a beautiful experience with a little bit of effort. Make food choices to enhance your vitality and allow you to feel good in your body.


*Sarah is a Certified Health Coach and the proud creator of My Balance & Wellness. She is a passionate Aussie who moved to sunny California for love. Sarah coaches her clients to eat right for their unique body type, supporting them in slimming down naturally and healing from the root cause. She is also a writer and on-air host, creating articles and videos that promote healthy eating and lifestyle tips. Follow Sarah on Facebook and Instagram         

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