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Ditch These Energy-Sucking Habits That Sabotage Your Vitality

Every day, it is our responsibility to be the best version of ourselves. Health and wellbeing are achieved by maximizing the raw materials that our body needs to function optimally (such as macro and micronutrients, water and sunshine), minimizing the things that deplete our life-force (such as toxins, chronic stress, infections, excess inflammation and negative thoughts etc.), and prioritizing supportive lifestyle choices that allow us to feel balanced (sleep, relaxation, self-care, mindfulness and daily physical activity).

Despite our best intentions and efforts, it is easy to fall in the trap of the energy-sucking habits that sabotage your vitality. Here’s what you can do to ditch those unwanted habits once and for all:    


Time to break up the coffee dependence ~

If you want to drink coffee on a daily basis because it is a beloved ritual for you, then drink it in the morning after a tall glass of water and nourishing breakfast, so that it is less abrasive on your GI tract and gentler on your hard working adrenal glands (the glands that secrete cortisol and other stress related hormones). Consider replacing coffee with antioxidant rich green tea or matcha green tea powder, which are lower in caffeine yet high in L-theanine, keeping your mind focused and alert, while your nervous system remains balanced and calm. Other healthy substitutes include Ayurvedic chai tea, cleansing lemon or uplifting rose water, healing bone broth, revitalizing green juice, or therapeutic herbal teas that nourish your energy, rather than deplete it.


Take control of your “tech life” with a digital detox ~

Become a mindful and strategic user of the tech gadgets that rule your life. Creating time slots on your daily schedule for productive use as well as slots for a restorative digital detox will make you much more efficient at work. Importantly, it will conserve precious energy supplies so that you are less prone to fatigue and digital overwhelm. 


Sleep your way to beautiful ~

It’s all too easy to get stuck in the trap of going to bed late (hands up, all you night owls out there). There seems to always be one more thing to get done on your “to do list” or one more exciting episode of your favorite TV show to watch. However, getting enough sound sleep allows your body to heal, rejuvenate and re-energize to embrace a new day ahead, so that you can be your sexiest and most vivacious self. 


Skipping meals isn’t sexy; nourishing your body is ~

It’s important to nourish and fuel your body properly throughout the day by enjoying a substantial breakfast, a hearty lunch full of greens and a lighter dinner (still full of greens). By having set meal times and front-loading your day with your food intake, your body will feel more energized, your blood sugar levels will remain stable, your mind will feel powerfully sharp, and your stomach will be satiated so that you don’t get cravings for unhealthy foods, allowing you to slim down naturally. 


Watch the sugar, sweetie ~

Sugar may give us a much-needed buzz and seem like a quick fix in busy times, but only for a little while. During a time of vulnerable low energy and rampant work stress, we are more prone to succumbing to the alluring powers of the mighty vending machine, seductive office birthday cake, colorful candies and decadent chocolate bars. All this does is set ourselves up for a catastrophic sugar crash soon thereafter…not to mention the relentless guilt! Instead, reach for something in the fruit bowl and a handful of nuts. That way you are getting energy from naturally occurring, low-glycemic sugars, as well as ample fiber, beneficial fats and plant protein.   


*Sarah is a Certified Health Coach and the proud creator of My Balance & Wellness. She is a passionate Aussie who moved to sunny California for love. Sarah coaches her clients to eat right for their unique body type, supporting them in slimming down naturally and healing from the root cause. She is also a writer and on-air host, creating articles and videos that promote healthy eating and lifestyle tips. Follow Sarah on Facebook and Instagram 

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