Your Body Knows What You Need.
Do You?

4-Week Wellness Transformation

4-Week Wellness Transformation

Build a body you can
listen to in 20 days.

Three start dates to choose from!
September 18 / September 25 / October 2

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 4-Week Wellness Transformation

The 4-Week Wellness Transformation
will give you all the tools you need to unlock your natural body intelligence—
so you can have less stress, more energy and a body you love

This Program Includes:


4 consecutive weeks of organic, plant-based Sakara meals* designed with clean ingredients and powerful superfoods to boost your energy, enhance your mental clarity and give you a glow

What you get
  • Clean, plant-based meals, delivered ready to eat
  • Daily Beauty Water
  • Daily Detox Water
  • Daily Detox Tea


Through expert guidance and content from our gurus, form habits that will help you tap into your intuition, become more mindful and access your inner power, and receive daily texts to help you stay inspired.**

What you get
  • Week 1: Visualization + Manifestation
  • Week 2: Sleep + Dreaming
  • Week 3: Energy Tapping
  • Week 4: Intuition

Wellness Kit

A curated collection of limited-edition gifts to reinforce your new routine

What you get
  • Five Minute Journal
  • Silk Sleep Mask + Lavender Pillow Spray
  • Stainless Steel Chopsticks
  • Sakara Matches + Palo Santo
  • Sakara Sleep Tea

**opt-out available

 4-Week Wellness Transformation

Limited spots available for the 3 start dates.

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Live the Sakara life


Fresh, organic, plant-based meals delivered to your door completely ready to eat—no cooking required.


Daily functional waters + teas crafted for cellular hydration, ideal pH balance, deep detoxification and skin rejuvenation.


See + feel results right away, including clearer,more radiant skin, less bloat, more energy, better moods and your best body ever.


“ I'm a busy mom, and even though I'm a culinary grad, I don't always make time to cook well for myself. Sakara gives me the ability to care for myself during the day, so I'm fueled to help care for my family. ”

Anne​ ​W.​, Philadelphia

“ This program is life changing. After eating so incredibly, I can't imagine eating any other way. I cannot praise this enough, every detail was absolute perfection. I found myself scraping every last ounce of food! ”

Elizabeth G., New York City

“ My sinuses are clearing up, the texture of my skin is better, I have less headaches, my joints don't hurt as much, and my clothes fit far, so fabulous! ”

Linda A​.​, ​Boston

“ Honestly, the food was amazing!! I lost weight, toned up, and reset my palate. I will definitely do it again and I look forward to purchasing some of the salad dressings and granola, and may just need the night water! ”

Marianne, Albany

“ I feel so much healthier and have more energy, and I've become more aware of what I consume when eating out. My skin is better than it has been in years and I have shed stubborn pounds that I was trying to lose for over a year! ”

Amber B, Long Island City

The power of plants.

Our meals combine the latest nutrition research with traditional wellness wisdom to help you feel your best and get the results you want.


Abundant leafy greens
+ hydrating fresh produce
to cleanse the body
and flush toxins


Mineral-rich ingredients
to alkalize the body for
glowing skin and radiant
hair and nails


Plant fiber + fermented
foods to nourish the gut
microbiome and
reduce bloat


Healthy fats and
proteins to boost
metabolism and give
you bountiful energy

Slim down

Meals designed with balanced
macronutrients and plant fiber
to help you shed
excess weight


Your body possesses an innate knowledge -
you only need to listen closely.

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