Advisory Board

Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay is a celebrity chef and an overall inspiration both as a master of food and flavor, as well as a business man. Bobby ran his first restaurant in NYC when he was just 25 and has opened over 27 restaurants to-date. Bobby advises on everything from food ideas (like Kale Tamales) to media coaching.

Renee Beaumont

Renee is a Partner at Generation Investment Management. Formerly a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Renee is the modern woman, balancing business strength with soft femininity. Renee's global insight on capital markets and running a business is priceless. She's also a fitness buff, so many of our meetings include sweating.

Damion Luaiye

Damion is Principal of et al. Formerly at Rose Bar Gramercy Park Hotel and Double 7, they call Damion the "room economist." He knows how to create experiences that people never forget and is just plain out cool. He never ceases to inspire.

Itay Blasenheim

Itay is a Managing Director at JP Morgan on the Alternative Investments group. Formerly a lawyer, Itay knows how to handle any situation and is always thinking 3 steps ahead. As a Sagittarius, he also knows how to light a fire and drive into anyone he talks to.

Saskia Evans

Saskia is an Advertising & Marketing Strategist. Her knowledge of taste, aesthetics, and luxury is only surpassed by her inner beauty. Saskia keeps her finger on the pulse of the chicest brands and trends and knows how to speak to that demographic who appreciates high touch... yet is approachable and knows how to let her hair down.

Max Goldberg

Max is the founder of Living Maxwell and is one of the most in-the-know guys when it comes to organic products. He knows just about everything and everyone in the space-- from sourcing to distribution. And shares our same mission of helping people feel amazing by changing their diets.

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