Best body challenge

A Powerful 4-Week Nutrition + Fitness Experience

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Build a fit, strong, powerful body

with 4 weeks of Sakara nutrition, a total-body workout regimen and exclusive gifts.

Your best body is

80% what you eat + 20% what you do + 100% what you believe



    nutrient-rich, ready-to-eat and delivered to your door (3 or 5 days/week)


    to sculpt your entire body, from coveted at-home fitness program Ballet Beautiful


    Your choice of 1 top + 1 bottom from a curated collection of Carbon38's luxury active apparel


    including Energy Bars and limited-edition Sakara workout bag and barre socks

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This program includes everything you need to get your best body at no additional cost to our signature meal program.

1Transformational nutrition

Results are 80% dependent on what you eat.

Bite by bite, eliminate bloat, clear your skin, shed excess weight, lift your energy, improve your moods and foster a loving relationship with food and your body.

This meal program includes:

Organic, Plant-Rich Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Your Choice of Functional Wellness Supplement (5 servings/week): Daily Probiotic, Beauty Chocolates, Beauty+Detox Water Drops

Daily Detox Tea

Holistic Health Coaching

Select your meals per day, days per week and delivery schedule when ordering.

2The workout regimen

Results are 20% dependent on what you do.

Ballet Beautiful brings the artistry and unmatched athleticism of dance to a fitness program that will energize and inspire you while delivering real results.

Follow our structured weekly plan of workouts hand-picked by Danielle and Whitney to strengthen and sculpt the whole body. All workouts can be completed at home, without equipment and in under 3 hours per week. You’ll also have unlimited access to additional workouts during your Challenge to customize your plan if desired.

3The high-style workout wear

Carbon38 offers luxury workout wear for the style conscious. Their chic active apparel seamlessly transitions from studio to street.

Choose one top and one bottom from a curated selection of Carbon38's elevated fitness favorites (up to $200 value).

4The essential accessories

A selection of Sakara gifts will support and uplift you throughout your Challenge.

Stretch, strengthen and tone your body in style with a Sakara gym bag and barre socks, both exclusive to this program.

Take functional nutrition anywhere with a box of best-selling Sakara Energy Bars. 12g of plant protein in each bar offers nourishment and muscle support while vitamin B12 and l-theanine provide a steady, focused energy boost.

The promise

Results are 100% dependent on what you believe.

Our Promise to you

over the next 4 weeks is to provide you with all the tools you need to transform your body inside and out: the best nutrition on Earth, an effective fitness regimen and gifts to keep you motivated and inspired.

Your promise to yourself

is to commit to this program. Remember that if you want to change your body—or anything at all—you have to first change your mind.

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