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LIGHT YOUR FIRE! Shop best-selling Metabolism Super Powder

LIGHT YOUR FIRE! Shop best-selling Metabolism Super Powder

LIGHT YOUR FIRE! Shop best-selling Metabolism Super Powder

Beauty Nutrition

A meal program and skincare regimen for health and radiance

Choose from the following weeks:
March 30 • April 6 • April 13

The Science of Healthy, Beautiful Skin.

This special program combines the two most powerful forces in the pursuit of radiant health inside and out: a week of fresh, organic, plant-based Sakara meals and intensive Molecular Skincare essentials from Dr. Barbara Sturm.

Hydrating + Healing + Anti-Inflammatory

Where inner health meets outer beauty

Sakara and Dr. Barbara Sturm share philosophies that are grounded in advanced ingredient-based science, take a holistic approach to health and beauty, and rely heavily on the healing properties of ingredients found in nature.

Combining our shared expertise, this dynamic partnership is designed to get to the root of inflammation and address its physical symptoms, rejuvenating your skin from within and helping you feel refreshed and reenergized.

Dr. Barbara Sturm, Sakara Founders Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle

Sign up for Beauty Nutrition And receive:


One Week of Sakara’s Signature Nutrition Program


Molecular Skincare Regimen from Dr. Barbara Sturm ($250 value)

Sakara Nutrition

A week of organic, plant-rich, anti-inflammatory meals will heal the gut and nurture skin from within. The Sakara nutrition program repairs your body’s natural inflammatory response, resulting in bright, youthful skin as well as improved digestion, less bloat, and increased energy.

This special curated menu, a collaboration with Dr. Barbara Sturm, features Sakara signature dishes chosen for their supremely healing, beautifying powers.

You'll receive 1 week of our signature meal program*

Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Daily Probiotics

Daily Detox Tea

Holistic Health Coaching

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Prosperity Pad Thai

with kelp noodles and ginger

Golden Lassi Parfait

with turmeric and aloe vera

Beauty Blend Salad

with avocado and hemp seeds

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Ingredient science

An Anti-Inflammatory Menu

Beauty nutrition isn't just about youthful skin—what's good for your complexion is good for every cell in your body. Anti-inflammatory plant ingredients have a healing, nurturing effect on your entire system, whether in a colorful, hydrating Sakara salad or a Dr. Barbara Sturm serum that’s filled with potent, skin-healing properties.

Skincare Essentials

A regimen of intensive Molecular Skincare essentials from Dr. Barbara Sturm's coveted line—selected by Sakara founders Whitney and Danielle—will accelerate and enhance your results. Dr. Sturm's pioneering aesthetics methodology is gentle, yet rigorously researched and backed by science.

By prioritizing hydration, nutrition, and regeneration glow, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s products repair the skin barrier function and take a healing, loving approach to anti-aging that's appropriate—and effective—for all skin concerns.

Included with your program, the Dr. Barbara Sturm products used by Whitney and Danielle:

  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Travel-Size Facial Scrub
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Mini Super Anti-Aging Serum
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Travel-Size Face Cream
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Mask Sachet
  • PLUS: Sakara Beauty Super Bar

How it Works

Ready-to-eat & delivered to your door

No cooking or prep required. Skincare Essentials will arrive with your first meal delivery.

Nutritionally designed program

Fresh meals, teas, supplements, and support. Organic, Plant-based, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Non-GMO, No Refined Sugar

See our nutrition philosophy

Customizable schedule

Select a start week and program options below. You will receive 1 week of meals.

Our Nutrition Philosophy

Sakara is based on a whole food, plant-rich diet, full of hydrating produce and nutrient-dense superfoods. One week on Sakara’s Signature Nutrition Program will flood your body with:

  • Over 100% of your daily requirement for protein, essential vitamins and minerals
  • More than 15 cups of leafy greens to heal your gut
  • 100+ disease-fighting, youth-promoting phytochemicals and antioxidants
  • 200% of the fiber you need daily to support digestion
  • More than 100 unique ingredients for ultimate health

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