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“ I've honestly never felt better. I'm terrible at cooking, so to have three healthy meals every day without even thinking is a life-changer. ”

Jon Martin, NYC

“ My skin cleared up and I lost a few pounds in my waist. I'd eat this food even if it didn't taste good. Thank god it does though. ”

Dave T, San Diego

“ ​Sakara has been a game changer for me. I have more energy and brain clarity at work than I've ever had​. ”

Colin C., New York City

“ ​I was skeptical but my girlfriend made me try it. Duh. But my god, this food is good. It's beyond filling and I've actually seen my skin clear up. So yeah, I'll be ordering again.​ ”

Matthew B., Philadelphia​

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Ultimate Convenience

Fresh, healthy meals arrive at your doorstep completely ready to eat—no planning, shopping, prepping or cooking required.

Chef-Crafted Meals

We work with classically trained chefs and use top-quality organic ingredients to create delicious and innovative meals.

Endless Variety

With new, seasonal meals being added to the menu all the time, you’ll never eat the same thing twice in one month.

Real Results

Our meals are nutritionally designed with fresh produce, plant protein and superfoods that increase energy, improve focus and boost mental clarity.

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