Join Sakara on a culinary journey, led by our Artist in Residence, Mike Bagale—former Executive Chef of Michelin-starred Alinea.

Over the course of 5 weeks, the Sakara signature meal program will feature 15 new dishes created by Chef Mike that showcase his bold culinary perspective, alongside Sakara favorites.

On the menu June 10 - July 12

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Meals will be incorporated into the weekly Sakara menu at no extra charge. No special sign-up required, simply order a Sakara Signature meal program. View the weekly menu at

A spirited and soulful co-creation

Sakara’s Artist in Residence program is where our powerful nutrition philosophy meets the artistic vision of the world’s most innovative chefs and creators.

Meet our Artist in Residence, Mike Bagale, former Executive Chef of Chicago’s three-Michelin-starred Alinea—a restaurant universally praised for its innovative approach to modernist cuisine.

Chef Mike Bagale

Sakara + Chef Mike Bagale

Chef Mike’s audacious culinary style is showcased with this first-of-its-kind collaboration, featuring 15 exclusive Sakara dishes integrated into our transformational program over the course of five weeks. Spanning cuisines and cultures, these meals will take you on a delicious journey celebrating vibrant color, inspired flavor and powerful nutrition.

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Meet Our Artist in Residence

A lot of food can be really good, but the addition of a texture or some x-factor ingredient, maybe it's ginger, maybe it's pumpkin seeds, whatever it is, brings it to another level. That's the responsibility I feel I have as a chef.

Inspired Meals

A preview of Chef Mike's creations, featuring global ingredients and refined culinary techniques

Cacio e Pepe

Two ingredients come together—a pepper-induced sauce and really textural sweet potato noodle—to mimic a traditional favorite

Food has the power to heal your body and transform your life, and it can also be a source of inspiration and beauty. We want to help people understand that food is so much more than nourishment.

Danielle Duboise +
Whitney Tingle, Sakara

Longevity Churros

Eat with your eyes first with this playful, superfood-inspired take on street food

I want people to be able to eat the food and say, ‘Wow, we haven't had this flavor combination before, and we didn't realize it was this ridiculously healthy’.

Chef Mike Bagale

Medicinal Mole Tacos

An umami-rich flavor profile made with immunity-boosting medicinal mushrooms

As we continue to share our mission of food-as-medicine, this inspiring partnership empowers our clients to be their best selves with food that’s ahead of the curve in terms of flavor, ingredients, and style.

Tyler Harvey, Culinary Director

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Three of Chef Mike’s meals will be integrated into our menu each week from June 10 to July 12 at no extra charge. Sign up each week to enjoy all 15 of his meals.

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