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Metabolism Powder

Choose if: You want to break sugar cravings, eliminate bloat, and improve digestion.

This bestseller is:

  • - Available to purchase as 10 single-serving sachets or a 30-serving resealable pouch
  • - 100% plant-based ingredients that help break your sugar habit
  • - A naturally rich, low-sugar dark chocolate flavor
  • - Great for smoothies, hot coffee or warm nut milk
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Metabolism Bar

Choose if: You want a shift your body from "storage" mode to "burn" mode and get a clean protein boost pre- or post- workout.

This new product is:

  • - Available to purchase as box of 8 bars or as a subscription
  • - 100% plant-based with 12g protein, 10g fiber, & 0g added sugar
  • - A delicious chocolate fudge flavor
  • - Great for an on-the-go snack
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Clean Boutique

Functional foods backed by science, guided by spirit.

Explore our beautifying, detoxifying, energizing and nourishing best-sellers.

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