Challenge yourself to go 100% plant-based for 2 weeks with Sakara Life.



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DEBUNK THE MYTHSabout plant-based eating (yes there's plenty of protein!)

TAKE A BREAKfrom foods that tax your body and dull your glow

LEARN THE SCIENCEbehind plant-based eating for optimal health from doctors and experts

EXPERIENCEthe plant-based transformation and discover what it feels like to feel better than "just ok"

This program includes:

Two consecutive weeks of Sakara meals*

plant-based and delivered ready to eat (your choice of 3 or 5 days/week)*

Plant based recipe + lifestyle guide

Featuring 8 NEW original recipes** to help you stick to the challenge on your non-Sakara days

Limited-edition Sakara tote

to bring with you to the farmers market

Sakara energy bars

A 6-pack of our best selling bars to help you snack clean

Early access special Special offer from uBiome to scientifically test your gut health, including a free Explorer test for the first 500 clients. Don't miss out—choose an early start date!

Food is information. By eating Sakara every day I'm informing my baby's little body that it is nourished, loved and connected to the source. I can't image a better gift to give her.

Danielle Duboise (and baby star), Founder of Sakara

Eating more plants was the only thing that cured my lifelong battle with cystic acne. I realized it's not about what I cut out of my diet, but about what I put in. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

Whitney Tingle, Founder of Sakara

Healthy eating has been my path since I was 15 years old. When I changed my diet, lifelong allergies and frequent colds became a thing of the past, my mood transformed, and my energy blossomed to whole new levels.

DR. Aviva Romm, Herbalist, Midwife

Eating plant based helps to fuel me for the day. I need my mind creatively sharp and my body functioning at its best to keep up with my little nugget. Clean eating is my foundation.

Elise Peterson, Mama, Artist

Your brain is made of food. The only molecule up there that doesn't come from the end of your fork is the oxygen that you breathe. Look at the end of your fork—Is this what you want to make your brain out of?

DR. Drew Ramsey, Psychiatrist, Farmer

Eating a plant based diet helps me feel more energized and focused during medicine readings. I also feel that my diet helps me to cleanse my energy at the end of the day.

Deborah Hanekamp, Mama Medicine

Pregnancy teaches you to listen to your body like never before. Nothing has given me more energy or made me feel better in my body than eating a mostly plant-based diet.

Melissa Wood, Wellness Creator

I've always been a natural-born plant eater...Even as a young child I'd ask for salads instead of french fries! Now I eat a plant-based diet 90% of the time. You only have one body... Keep it healthy!

May Kwok, DJ, Visionary Entrepreneur

Plant-based foods give me the energy I need to keep up with 5 babies: My 2 companies, 2 Human babies and my husband. They make me feel my best: Energized, glowing, clear in mind and skin, and best of all, happy.

Alexandra Bonetti, Entrepreneur

Here's how it works


Eat clean

Stick to the Sakara meal program—including meals, water concentrates and teas—100% for two full weeks! That means no animal products (meat, eggs or dairy) or processed foods for 14 days.


Stay committed

Whenever you're not receiving Sakara deliveries, use the digital recipe guide to prepare your own clean, plant-based meals. Snack on Sakara Energy Bars!


Get inspired

For plant based hacks, kitchen tips, dining-out guidance and Sakara wisdom, refer to the digital guide and the S-Life Mag.


Reach out

Our Wellness Team of certified Holistic Health Coaches will be available throughout your program to answer and provide support.

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*Sakara Signature Meal Programs Always Include:

Breakfasts, Lunches
and Dinners

Designed for results and delivered
fresh and ready to eat.

Daily Beauty + Detox
Water Concentrates

For ultimate hydration,
remineralization and glow

Detox Teas

To support digestion
and eliminate bloat

Holistic Health

Support and inspiration
from our Wellness Team



Challenge yourself to go 100% plant-based for 2 weeks with Sakara Life



Reserve your spot
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