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Fresh, organic, nutrient-rich meals designed
to make you feel like your best self

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  • 3 or 5 days of clean, organic, ready-to-eat meals
  • Breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, designed for optimal nutrition
  • Detox Tea, Beauty and Detox Water Concentrate for ultimate hydration
  • Delivery to your door, with no cooking, prep or clean-up!
  • From $80 / week


  • 4 consecutive weeks of Sakara's life-changing signature nutrition program delivered to your door
  • A 30-day supply of our bestselling Chocolate Probiotics
  • Exclusive access to THE S-LIFE MAG's first print edition
  • Rituals + Results Workbook to help you track your transformation
  • From $556 / program (at exclusive subscriber rates, up to 15% off our standard trial prices)
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Life-Changing Nutrition

  • Organic

  • Plant-based

  • Dairy Free

  • Gluten Free

  • No Refined Sugar

  • Non-GMO

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“After 4 weeks on this program, I feel incredible. I've lost weight, have more energy, feel divine and my skin is clear and glowing.”

“I'm down 14 pounds, my skin looks awesome and I have lost my sugar cravings… So happy I did this for myself.”

“This program is life-changing. After eating so incredibly for a month, I can't imagine eating any other way. I cannot praise this enough; every detail was absolute perfection”

“For supernutrition without any of the shopping, chopping, or prep, the chic and health conscious turn to Sakara.”


The power
of plants

Our meals combine the latest nutrition research with traditional wellness wisdom to help you feel your best and get the results you want.


Abundant leafy greens +
hydrating fresh produce to
cleanse the body and enhance
skin's radiance


Essential vitamins
and youth-promoting
antioxxidants for a
glowing, even complexion

Beat Bloat

Plant fiber + fermented
foods to nourish the gut
microbiome and beat bloat


Healthy fats for a lean
body, soft skin
and bountiful energy

Eat Pretty

Mineral-rich ingredients
to alkalize and detoxify the body
+ nourish hair and nails

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