Sakara will be launching in Boston in the new year! Here is everything you need to know:

- The first delivery to Boston launched Monday, January 6th, 2013!

- Due to delivery logistics, Sakara Boston clients will receive their deliveries Monday, Wednesday, and Friday OVERNIGHT (anytime between 11pm-3am), to be enjoyed the next day. Deliveries are made in the middle of the night in insulated cooler bags. Please be sure to include any specific delivery instructions for our team!

- No additional delivery fee!

- In addition to the city, we are also delivering to the surrounding suburbs. If you live in a town surrounding Boston and aren't sure if you are within our reach, please email us at 

- Please place your order through our regular Organic Meal delivery pages. Keep in mind that the delivery time slot selected does not apply, as your program will be delivered over night on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

- All of the terms and conditions for NYC still apply. 


Welcome to the Sakara family, Boston!

We cannot wait to introduce you to your new home xx

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