The 10-Day Reset


Experience Transformation

The 10-Day Reset

Our best-selling detox box with all the essential tools for living the Sakara Life from your own kitchen.

A DIY Detox

Our Detox In A Box

Modeled after our coveted nutrition program, the 10-Day Reset contains all the essential tools for living the Sakara Life from your own kitchen, on your own schedule and budget. We're still your nutritionist — only this time, you're the chef.

What's Included

Inside Your 10-Day Reset Kit

The 10-Day Reset includes quintessential, plant-rich recipes; a selection of our best-selling wellness essentials; and an exclusive guide to help you transform your life—beginning with your plate.

10-Day Reset Recipes: over 20 exclusive, easy-to-make recipes nutritionally designed to help you build your best body!

Beauty & Detox Water Drops: High-quality, full spectrum blend of minerals and antioxidant-rich greens to remedy digestive issues and dull skin

Organic Protein + Greens Super Powder: 12g plant protein + alkalizing greens + enzymes for digestion, detox, and energy

Complete Probiotic Formula: Our signature probiotic with 3 billion CFUs, 11 probiotic strains + digestive enzymes + prebiotics + candida cleanser

Detox Tea: 20 packets of red rooibos + lemongrass + rose for de-bloating and digestion

Energy Bars: 10g plant protein + L-theanine + vitamin B12 for energy on the go

Detox Bars: 10g plant protein + blue spirulina for detox on the go

Our Values

Clean + natural



Gluten Free


No Refined Sugar


Increase skin’s glow

Increase skin’s glow

Our Beauty Water Drops work to deeply hydrate on a cellular level. Each dropperful contains 72 beautifying, ionic trace minerals that are naturally depleted with age, supporting supple, youthful skin and strong, resilient hair and nails. For best results, add to water (or beverage of your choosing) daily.

Heal your gut

Heal your gut

Included in this kit is a supply of our Complete Probiotic Formula—daily probiotic supplements that contain prebiotic fiber (AKA, food for the probiotics), as well as digestive and systemic enzymes. These supplements work to balance your microbiome, allowing for healthy, thriving gut health (and zero bloat).

Boost your energy

Boost your energy

Protein-rich recipes help to supply your body with sustainable energy, but to give you an extra boost, we’ve included our Organic Protein + Greens Super Powder. Simply add one sachet into a smoothie (or yogurt) for an extra supply of energetic fuel.

Remove toxins

Remove toxins

While eating clean already helps to eliminate toxins in your daily life, the 10-Day Reset also includes two of our toxin-eliminating staples: Detox Super Bars and Detox Water Drops. The Water Drops rely on the power of chlorophyll, an antioxidant-rich pigment that helps move waste through the GI tract; while our Super Bars utilize blue spirulina, an algae that binds to toxins and alkalizes the body.

Restore digestive harmony

Restore digestive harmony

The combination of fiber-packed Sakara recipes, probiotic supplements, and daily water drops allow your digestive tract to reset. As the probiotics help to rebalance your gut and fibrous dishes allow things to move more smoothly, regularly cups of caffeine-free Detox Tea—made with red rooibos, lemongrass, and rose—help reduce bloating.


Results from our community

“Easy and Effective!”

“I loved this reset! The recipes were yummy, it was easy to follow and I felt really great afterwards. Plus, as an added bonus I lost 13 lbs! Everything came packaged so beautifully and it was great to get to try so many different items from Sakara.”

Melissa H., Client

"A Great Reset"

"It gave me all the tools I needed to reset my unhealthy habits while still enjoying my life. It’s not too restrictive. I loved the protein & greens super powder and the detox water the best."

Hannah R., Client

“Best Detox!”

"I loved this 10 day reset so much, I purchased a second one! It helped me with bloat, releasing excess weight, my energy levels, and also helped clear up my skin. I have been using the beauty water and detox drops regularly since and it’s something I plan on incorporating every 3 months as a regular detox."

Crystal C., Client


"The 10 day reset was the perfect program to bring me back to feeling radiant. The recipes gave me better mood, great energy, glowing skin, and better digestion. It was such a gift for my body. "

Carly M., Client

“The MVP of cleanses”

"This reset kit went FAR above and beyond my expectations. Every recipe I've tried is absolutely delicious, the bars are incredible, the tea is delicious, and I feel amazing with more energy than I've had in recent memory. I feel full and don't spend my days grazing with cravings as I used to."

Shannon S., Client

Client Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

The 10-Day Reset is a kit that will help you find transformation in your own life. The kit includes

  • 10-Day Reset Guidebook and Recipes
  • Beauty Water Drops
  • Detox Water Drops
  • 10-day supply of Complete Probiotic Formula
  • 6-pack Detox Bars
  • 6-pack Energy Bars
  • 10-pack of Organic Protein + Greens Super Powder
  • 20-pack of Detox Tea

A day in the life of your 10-Day Reset can resemble the below events:

  • WAKE UP Drink Beauty Water + take The Complete Probiotic Formula

  • BREAKFAST Make a smoothie with Organic Protein + Greens Super Powder

  • MID-MORNING Brew a cup of Detox Tea

  • LUNCH Recipe Classic Kale Salad w/ Green Goddess Dressing

  • LATE AFTERNOON Brew a cup of Detox Tea + have a Detox or Energy Bar as a snack

  • DINNER Recipe Pulled Butternut Squash Tacos

  • BEDTIME Drink Detox Water + take The Complete Probiotic Formula

Sakara Subscription

How your subscription works + exclusive perks:

  • CONVENIENT. Never miss a day with automatic monthly renewals of Metabolism Super Powder (30-day supply).
  • COST-EFFECTIVE. Save $10 on your order each month and enjoy a complimentary delivery fee.
  • FLEXIBLE. Easily delay renewals and update your information as needed within your account profile.
  • NO COMMITMENT. Cancel any time through your account profile.