“We’re here to help you feel good about yourself again- 

that’s our mission.”


Sakara Co-founders, Whitney and Danielle, grew up together in the beautiful town of Sedona, Arizona, where they were exposed to the benefits of natural eating and holistic health from an early age.  After moving to New York, they knew they needed to share their knowledge with the fast-paced, delivery-loving, eat-outers of Manhattan.  

Danielle's expertise in holistic nutrition, chemistry and anthropology equipped her with the tools necessary to think outside the box when it came to food and wellbeing.  As a former model and actress, Danielle's experience with body image, roller coaster diets and mind-body disconnection inspired her to create a food system that empowered her to make loving, healthy choices for herself, as a lifestyle, not a diet. After carefully crafting a meal program that finally worked for her, she was ready to share her secrets with the world and make the Sakara Life food program available for delivery (only on East Coast now but nationwide soon)!  Danielle is a certified holistic health coach, advocate and curator for the wellness and entrepreneurial world. She believes that food should make you feel sexy!!!

Whitney was working on Wall Street when she realized her true passion was to share her love of health with the financiers who desperately needed her help. She knows what it takes to fight for health in a stressful environment. She had gained 15 pounds working in the corporate office, and was struggling with cystic acne. She had seen every dermatologist in the city and tried everything from antibiotics, to birth control pills, to acupuncture acid peels, lights and lasers. And when her dermatologist suggested that she do a second round of Accutane, she decided there had to be a better way. She turned to her best friend, Danielle, to partner and create a meal plan that allowed her to drop the weight and clear her skin while maintaining her busy lifestyle. As if that wasn’t enough she also decided to find her zen while she studied to become a certified yoga instructor. Go ahead, ask her for a stock tip while you’re in downward dog... 

Sign up for the Sakara Life Organic Meal Delivery program and see how your life will change!

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