The Cost Of Your Diet

 Sakara Program

A Day in Your Life

5-Day Program
-       BLD
-       Clean, organic, locally sourced foods
-       Nutrient dense superfoods
-       Detoxing Tea
-       Guidance and Support
-       Energy, focus
-       Improved digestion
-       Detoxification and healing
-       Increased sex drive
-       Glowing skin
-       Internal vibrancy

-       breakfast: $9
-       coffee: $3
-       juice: $9
-       lunch: $18
-       snack: $6
-       coffee: $3
-       drinks: $23
-       dinner: $35
-       spiked blood sugar levels
-       increased acidity
-       bloat
-       hangover

Total: 82

Total: $106


The Science Behind The Sakara Life

The Sakara Life is not about counting, restricting, and depriving – it’s about filling your diet and your body with nature’s vibrant, life-energy and reaping the beautiful benefits: 

  1. Get clearer, brighter, more radiant skin
  2. Shed excess weight and toxins from the body
  3. Boost your immune system by eating the rainbow
  4. Regulate your digestive system (no more bloat!)
  5. Stabilize blood sugar and balance hormones 

Although these results may seem like far away, unattainable miracles – they are well within your body’s capabilities and well within your reach. The Sakara Life gives your body the space, support, and nourishment it needs in order to restore its natural ability to heal itself. What does your body look and feel like when it can heal? There’s only one way to find out…

The Sakara Life Organic Meal delivery program focuses on all the good you are nourishing your body with in order to achieve your optimal level of health and wellness. The good we’re talking about is the organic plant power, synergistic, clean whole foods, and nutrient-dense superfoods that begin the rejuvenation process in your body at a cellular level, providing it with strength and, ultimately, efficiency to get there. Fill your body with Sakara Life the majority of the time (hello 6 day vegans, 80/20 devotees, and cheat day followers), indulge when you are nourishing a different part of your life, and walk away with the vibrancy of your healthiest body, mind, and spirit.   

Wellness isn't about always following a rigid diet plan or going to extremes. It's about finding a healthy balance that fits your lifestyle and personal needs. It’s about fueling your body with foods that love you back.


Bragging Rights – In love with Sakara? Join the club.


"Terrific for vitality, weight loss and ease" 
"Their plan 'doesn’t include starving yourself with liquid meals or counting calories.' We like this already."
"Finally, a cleanse we can master." 
"a high-end, meals-at-your-doorstep program that’s fresh, balanced, and delicious." 

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