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Nootropic Chocolates

30 Chocolates (1-Month Supply)

Nootropic Chocolates

30 Chocolates (1-Month Supply)

Nootropic Chocolates

  • Provides instant energy, brain clarity and focus
  • Nootropics and adaptogens improve cognitive function naturally
  • Raw, organic dark cacao with 1g unrefined coconut sugar and a touch of natural peppermint
  • 100mg L-Theanine - Nootropic that reduces cortisol and induces a calm concentration
  • 53mg Green Tea Extract - Works in conjunction with L-Theanine to boost cognition, alertness and mood
  • 50mg Lion's Mane - Mushroom with neuroprotective effects; reduces brain fog and improves memory
  • 50mg Gotu Kola + 50mg Bacopa - Adaptogens that improve brain function and regulate stress response
Ingredients & Nutrition
  • Enjoy 1-2 chocolates per day as needed
  • Due to caffeine content (50mg per chocolate), not recommended at bedtime


Channel the power of nootropics and adaptogens into increased energy, brain clarity and focus. Our energizing blend contains potent plant-based ingredients scientifically shown to enhance cognition, reduce fatigue and provide focused energy and brain clarity. 

Sakara Nootropic Chocolates are a safe, natural and delicious way to tap into increased productivity, focused energy and free-flowing inspiration. 

Enjoy as needed for the perfect pick-me-up instead of coffee.


Nootropics are a class of potent compounds that enhance brain function. L-theanine boosts concentration and improves cognition by improving blood flow to the brain. The neuroprotective effects of lion’s mane ease anxiety and cut through brain fog. Lion's mane may also stimulate nerve growth, helping to enhance memory and prevent age-related brain degeneration.


Adaptogens work like a thermostat in the body, providing whatever it needs to adapt to its current environment. The powerful adaptogenic herbs gotu kola and bacopa reduce fatigue and regulate the body's stress response.


A hint of green tea promotes jitter-free alertness and floods the body with protective antioxidants.

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