GIFT WITH PURCHASE: Receive two complimentary bottles of Detox Water Drops when you spend $125 in the Sakara Shop.

GIFT WITH PURCHASE: Receive two complimentary bottles of Detox Water Drops when you spend $125 in the Sakara Shop.

COMPLIMENTARY SHIPPING: On all Sakara Shop orders over $100.

COMPLIMENTARY SHIPPING: On all Sakara Shop orders over $100.

The AM to PM Collection

The AM to PM Collection

Sakara Subscription

Stay energized and focused throughout the day with this exclusive collection of our best-sellers.

The set includes:

  • Metabolism Super Powder (10-day supply)
  • 30 Nootropic Chocolates
  • Dark Chocolate Granola
  • Sleep Tea (20 sachets)

  • Increased energy
  • Heightened focus
  • Improved mental clarity 
  • Lowered anxiety
  • Regulated stress response
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Eliminated bloating
  • Revs metabolism

Four best-sellers, one collection. All of the plant-powered essentials you need to fuel your day.

  • Metabolism Super Powder’s naturally rich, low-sugar formula lights your inner fire, restoring a healthy metabolism and the benefits that follow, including sustained energy, heightened mental clarity, stabilized blood sugar, and eliminated bloat.
  • Nootropic Chocolates provide instant energy, increased focus, and heightened mental clarity, with a blend of adaptogens and nootropics.
  • Dark Chocolate Granola helps your body adapt to stress naturally (and deliciously), with a cacao, Brazil nut, and ashwagandha-infused (an adaptogen that regulates cortisol levels) breakfast or pick-me-up snack.
  • Sleep Tea supports deep, therapeutic sleep so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated, courtesy of ingredients like catnip, valerian, chamomile, and passionflower.
Ingredients & Nutritional Details


This collection was designed to provide you with the support you need at each checkpoint in your work day, and, when it’s time for bed, to help you wind down naturally.


Whether you start your day with a smoothie or coffee, mix Metabolism Super Powder in to provide you with a dose of clean, stimulant-free energy.
Upgrade your breakfast into a nutrient-dense smoothie bowl by adding fresh fruit toppings and a sprinkle of Dark Chocolate Granola. Infused with ashwagandha, an adaptogen which helps the body adapt to stress naturally, you’ll be prepared for the work day to come.

Stay powered and focused through any mid-afternoon slump with a quick Nootropic Chocolate, which channels the power of nootropics (Lion’s Mane, L-Theanine) and adaptogens (Gotu Kola, Bacopa) into an instant burst of focused energy.

As you begin to wind down for the day, steep one bag of the Sleep Tea and enjoy a cup before bedtime. The herbal blend provides a gentle calming effect, so you can fall asleep more quickly and maximize the deep restorative sleep cycle, preparing you for the day that follows.


Our mission is to transform lives––to give you the tools that empower you to be in the driver's seat of your own health. Turn your thoughts to things, and dreams into realities by living your Sakara Life, honoring the power of plants as medicine.

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