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The Plant Chip Collection

3 bags (1-Month Supply)

The Plant Chip Collection

3 bags (1-Month Supply)

The Plant Chip Collection

  • Sample each of our superfood plant chips: Original Nori Chips, Chia Tortillas and Rosemary Kale Chips.
  • Raw and made with superfoods for added nutrients
  • Guiltless, nutritious on-the-go snacks

Original Nori Chips

  • Unlike any seaweed snack you’ve encountered – with ne package of our Nori Chips contains around 6mg of iodine—100% of your recommended daily intake for optimal thyroid function

Chia Tortillas

  • Your new go-to wrap – with omega-3-rich chia seeds for plant-based protein and skin-loving healthy fats

Rosemary Kale Chips

  • The perfect kale chip – made with macadamia nuts and containing more than 100% of the youth-promoting, immunity-boosting Vit A you need per day
  • Enjoy by the handful whenever you’re craving a healthy, savory snack! Chia Tortillas go great with dips (like hummus and guacamole) or as part of a sandwich
  • Best enjoyed within 6 months of delivery


  • Each variety of plant chip is raw (dried at low temperatures) and made with functional ingredients, like nutrient-dense seaweed, inflammation-reducing chia seeds and alkalizing kale. They are the best way we know how to snack!

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