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Beauty Water® Concentrates

2 x 2-oz Bottles (20-Day Supply)

Beauty Water® Concentrates

2 x 2-oz Bottles (20-Day Supply)

Beauty Water® Concentrates

  • Turn your water into ultra-hydrating, superfood mineral H2O
  • Hydrate your cells to the fullest with naturally-occurring trace minerals missing from tap water
  • Supercharged with superfoods to boost glow
  • Silica: Maximizes cellular hydration
  • Rose: Calms the adrenals and reduces inflammation
  • 72 Trace Minerals: Essential minerals missing from your water
Ingredients & Nutrition
  • Each bottle contains enough concentrate to make 10 servings of water.
  • Mix 5–6 full droppers of concentrate with 8 fl. oz. of water and enjoy!  
  • We suggest drinking Beauty Water upon rising and whenever you need a boost of functional hydration.
  • TSA-friendly and perfect for travel!


Contains soothing, refreshing rose and silica, “the beauty mineral,” to support collagen production and maximize cellular hydration.

The result is plump, hydrated skin and strong, healthy hair + nails!


  1. Start with a glass of 8 oz of water
  2. Add 5-6 full droppers of Concentrate
  3. Drink up! Enjoy daily.
"It's like drinking a bouquet of roses while getting helpful nutrients. An elixir fit for a queen."
Elizabeth F.
"The Beauty Water has a light rosewater taste, which is an acquired taste for the un-officiated, but soon enough you will not want to drink your morning water with your breakfast without it."
"I have a vial of the beauty concentrate at my desk and I swear people ask me what I'm doing to make my skin glow :)"
Courtney T.

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