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Our Mission Is To

Daniell + Whitney of Sakara Life

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We started Sakara because eating this way completely changed our bodies and our lives – and we made it our mission to help others experience their own transformation through food as medicine.

Sakara didn’t start out as a business; it started out as a solution to our own needs. We were both struggling with our own health issues (cystic acne, IBS, weight gain and chronic dieting, to name a few). We searched the world for the answers—saw numerous doctors, specialists, healers, and more. When we couldn’t find the solution, we decided to take our health back into our own hands and create it.

Sakara is the combination of cutting-edge nutrition science matched with ancient wisdom from food systems dating back to 2000BC, focused on delivering microbiome and metabolic health. We’ve helped thousands of people improve their energy, manage weight, increase focus and brain clarity, balance hormones, get glowing skin, and reverse their biological age. Most of all? We’ve helped our clients regain and transform their health.

At Sakara, we’re about doing things the right way. By addressing the foundation of your health—your gut microbiome—we help you change your diet to remove everyday chemicals and toxins, and flood your body with organic, nutrient-rich foods in the right amounts and combinations to help your body thrive and function at its best.

With Light,
Danielle DuBoise & Whitney Tingle,
Sakara Founders


How We’re

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We’re empowering future generations to sit in the driver’s seat of their own health with our community and charitable partner Wellness in the Schools (WITS). Together, we’ve co-created nutrition lessons inspired by our Sakara Pillars of Nutrition for NYC public school students, distributed delicious (and nutritious) snack “lessons” on natural and artificial sugar, and sent meals and snacks to the staff at our partner schools for Teacher Appreciation Day.

We source organic produce and support farmers with responsible farming practices. These choices help to reduce pesticide and insecticide usage in our food system, saving our planet from toxic pollutants and protecting our clients from the impact of environmental stressors and anti-nutrients.

Every year, the United States throws away over one-third of all the food it produces—between 125 and 160 billion pounds of food. Ingredients that don’t make it into our meals are composted or donated, along with products, to partners including One Love Community Fridge. Since the beginning of 2022, we have donated almost $100,000 to our charitable partner Wellness in the Schools, and are committed to contributing more in years to come.


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