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Whitney’s Travel Essentials

As a founder and co-CEO, Whitney Tingle is always on the move.

Whitney’s Travel Essentials

We tapped Whit for the list of TSA-friendly travel essentials that keep her grounded, glowing, and able to show up as the best version of herself, anywhere life finds her.

By Tessa Kauppila

May 18, 2023

As a founder and co-CEO, Whitney Tingle is always on the move from her homebase in Miami—traveling to NYC for board meetings at Sakara HQ, connecting with Sakaralites at events in LA, the Hamptons, and beyond, heading to Sedona to visit her mom… the list goes on.

Work Trip to LA
  • Sakara Detox Tea: “The only beverage I order on planes is water. I often get it hot and add my own Sakara Detox Tea bag. It’s a refreshing, delicate blend of rooibos, lemongrass, and rose, and contains more antioxidants than green tea."
  • Sakara Signature Nutrition Program: “I always make sure to update my delivery address in my Sakara app ahead of traveling so I don’t have to worry about what I’ll be eating on a work trip.”
  • PureLift Face: “My newest microcurrent device from PureLift Lab, this stimulates the muscles underneath my skin for a face-lift effect using a triple-wave electrical frequency, like EMS. It’s a little stronger than some of the other devices out there. I see the best results when I use this the day before I have an event.”
  • Le Prunier Sunscreen: “I’d been looking for a mineral-based, non-nano sunscreen. This one doesn’t leave a white residue on my skin, and it smells so good!”
  • Sonicare Toothbrush + Revitin Toothpaste: “Your mouth is a mucus membrane—it soaks up what you put into it. Don’t put anything in that you wouldn’t eat. Revitin is made by my dentist Dr. Gerry Curatola. It has clean ingredients plus prebiotics, vitamins and antioxidants like CoQ10 for a healthy mouth and oral microbiome. He says it’s so clean you could put it on a cracker and eat it!”
European Getaway with the Family
  • Sakara Complete Probiotic Formula + Magnesium Supplements: “Traveling can slow down my digestive system and these two help keep it moving.”
  • Sakara Metabolism Protein Super Bars: “These bars are my favorite travel snack to keep in my carry-on. Taste like a fudgy brownie, satisfy a sweet craving, and keep my blood sugar stable.”
  • The Foundation: “These daily supplement packs are my nutritional insurance when I’m not eating Sakara every day.”
  • Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn Oil: “I cleanse with this the night before a long flight to keep skin moisturized.”
  • Wired Headphones: “I have my phone on me all the time so one way I try to reduce EMF exposure is by keeping wired headphones on hand.”
  • Bluelight Blocking Domed Eye Mask: “I love a domed eye mask that blocks light, doesn’t press on my eyes, and helps me to catch some sleep on the plane.”
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Hand Cream: “This is ultra-moisturizing in the dry airplane cabin.”
  • New Prada Sandals: “These are my investment piece of the season that I can wear dressed up or dressed down. I currently like to wear them with an Outdoor Voices workout dress, and look forward to wearing them in Italy this summer!”
  • Stasher Bags: “Love these for bringing our own snacks on the plane, like sliced fruit.”
  • Carbon38 Nautical Scuba Blazer: "This looks put together as a suit jacket, but wipes clean easily thanks to the fabric and is machine washable. Packs well too!"
Home to Sedona
  • Eat Clean, Play Dirty Baseball Hat: “Either my green Sakara cap or a cowboy hat. They’re essential for sun protection!”
  • Sakara Beauty Water Drops: “My mom distills water from the tap at her house to remove anything and everything out of the water (chlorine, fluoride, and things that we don’t test for, like contaminants) but the process also takes out minerals. We then add Beauty Drops in to remineralize the water.”
  • Kypris Lip Elixir Balm: “Ultra hydrating in the dry Sedona desert.”
  • Varley Sports Bra + Bike Shorts: “I live in workout sets when I’m in Sedona. They’re great for hiking too!”
  • Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress: “So easy to throw on for any activity.”