SPECIAL PROGRAM: Join us for Sleeping with Sakara, a three-week program to transform your sleep and waking hours.

SPECIAL PROGRAM: Join us for Sleeping with Sakara, a three-week program to transform your sleep and waking hours.

COMPLIMENTARY SHIPPING: On all Wellness Essentials orders over $100.

COMPLIMENTARY SHIPPING: On all Wellness Essentials orders over $100.

Complete Probiotic Formula

Complete Probiotic Formula

Sakara Subscription

  • New packaging, same best-selling formulation. Our Daily Probiotic Blend is now part of the Sakara Rx family, and has been given a new name: The Complete Probiotic Formula
  •  A powerful daily probiotic supplement that supports a diverse and thriving gut microbiome 
  • A potent formulation with 11 complementary probiotic strains, two digestive enzymes to relieve bloat and improve nutrient absorption, two systemic enzymes to manage pathogens and inflammation, and prebiotic fiber to enhance efficacy 
  • Clean, plant-based, medical grade and doctor formulated, with each ingredient in its most bioavailable form for optimal results
  • 180 capsules in each bottle; 3 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of bacteria per capsule. No need to refrigerate
  • How to take: start with one pill, once a day. You can increase to a therapeutic dosage of up to four pills daily, as desired

  • Improved digestion and reduced bloating
  • Increased immunity
  • Weight management
  • Clear skin
  • Increased energy
  • Hormone balance
  • Regulated inflammatory response
  • Improved mood


Contains 11 different strains of beneficial bacteria to diversify and balance the gut microbiome, which are critical for immune support


Contains four functional enzymes, including systemic enzymes that reduce inflammation and work to rid the body of harmful Candida overgrowth, and digestive enzymes that help the body break down proteins and plant fibers


Nourishes, stabilizes, and encourages proliferation of existing and newly introduced probiotic strains

Ingredients & Nutrition

With Sakara Rx, we are redefining quality in the supplement industry.

Our Complete Probiotic Formula is the most comprehensive professional-grade probiotic on the market, specially designed to help you maintain a diverse and balanced gut microbiome.

Our probiotics undergo a proprietary process that ensures they are able to survive the trip through the body, delivering the intended dose to the intestinal tract, where they can colonize and flourish.

Additionally, our raw ingredients and finished supplements go through seven rounds of testing to ensure they are effective and free of common allergens and impurities. 

The Power of the Microbiome

The microbiome refers to the trillions of microbes in and on the human body (including six pounds in the gut) that influence digestion, nutrient absorption, hormone balance, energy levels, skin clarity, moods, weight, cravings, immunity, and overall vitality. According to the National Institutes of Health, you have 10 times as many bacterial cells in your body as human ones.


There’s more going on in your G.I. tract than digesting food and assimilating nutrients so your body can use them. Seventy percent of the cells that make up your immune system are found in the gut. It also has its own nervous system, the Enteric Nervous System (ENT), that helps your gut convey messages directly to your brain via the vagus nerve, through which it sends signals that are interpreted as emotions. (Did you know 95% of serotonin, a.k.a. the happiness hormone, is produced in the gut?) 


A healthy gut is diverse and balanced. When this homeostasis is disrupted by the presence of too many pathogenic bacteria—a condition called gut dysbiosis—it can result in system-wide inflammation that leads to a host of issues, including digestive problems, autoimmune symptoms, weight gain, and acne.


By cultivating a healthy gut microbiome through an anti-inflammatory, plant-rich diet and the use of a daily probiotic like The Complete Probiotic Formula, you’re ensuring that there is more “good” bacteria than “bad”—making for a ratio that your body loves.


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