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You want sustainable weight loss and clear, glowing skin, in time for your big day

Our plant-based meals are nutritionally designed to help you get the results you want

Our chefs partner with
trusted, organic farmers

Our team of experts uses cutting edge
nutrition science to design each meal

Freshly prepared meals are
delivered straight to your door

“ This program is life changing. After eating so incredibly for a month, I can't imagine eating any other way. I cannot praise this enough, every detail was absolute perfection. I found myself scraping every last ounce of food! ”

Elizabeth G., New York City

“ My sinuses are clearing up, the texture of my skin is better, I have less headaches, my joints don't hurt as much, and my clothes fit far, so fabulous! ”

Linda A​.​, ​Boston

“ Sakara has helped me transform my body and life in ways I could not even imagine. I am forever grateful. ”

Allison W​.​,​ ​Richmond

Feel Your Absolute Best

Superior Nutrition

We use 100% organic, gluten-free and plant-based ingredients. All meals are free of GMOs, preservatives, artificial additives and harmful chemicals.

B​eautiful Skin

Hydrating, beautifying superfoods rich in minerals and antioxidants for a clear, glowing complexion​

Increased Energy

Our meals focus on bioavailable macronutrients to promote increased metabolism and nutrient absorption for improved focus and cognitive performance.

Optimal Weight

Meals designed with hydrating fresh produce, balanced macronutrients and plant fiber to relieve bloat and help your body find its ideal weight. At Sakara, we don't count calories, we count nutrients.

Get ready to feel like your best self.

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