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Prop 65 Warning

At Sakara, we believe that the first step toward vibrant, transformative health is making educated decisions about what you put in your body. From thoughtfully created wellness products to a robust sourcing process for our Signature Nutrition Program meals, our ingredients are chosen with care and backed by science, ensuring that you receive high-quality bioavailable nutrients to nourish your body from the inside out. We strive to empower you with information and nutritional knowledge so that you can be in the driver's seat of your own health. This is why it’s important to talk about Proposition 65, often referred to as Prop 65, a California right-to-know law that aims to help consumers make informed decisions about the products they buy and consume.

What is prop 65?

Prop 65 is a California right-to-know act which requires the public to be made aware when a product contains one of currently more than 900 chemicals that are “known” by the State of California to potentially cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm. This law is not a food safety law.

The law and the implementing regulations require a warning to be provided to customers before an individual may be exposed to chemicals that are known to the state of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity above certain thresholds.

  • For chemicals at risk of causing birth defects and reproductive harm, a warning is required at 1/1,000th of ‘no observable effect level.'

  • For chemicals at risk of causing cancer, a warning is required at levels where a person exposed to that chemical for 70 years would not have more than 1 in 100,000 chance of developing cancer.

Enacted in 1986 and formally known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, Prop 65 is not a federal law, but a state law. Prop 65 extends beyond drinking water and food; many products that are generally considered to be safe for their intended use—for instance, candles, furniture, and even sunglasses—may be labeled with a Prop 65 warning, and may contain one or more of the approximately 900 chemicals on the list at only a very low level.

What substances are included in the prop 65 list?

The current Prop 65 list names a broad range of chemicals—including synthetic chemicals and those that occur in nature—found in household products, food, dyes, drugs, pesticides, and solvents. Certain chemicals on the list are byproducts of chemical processes or manufacturing—for example, motor exhaust and acrylamide formed during baking bread—and others are inputs in manufacturing and construction.

However, many of the chemicals included on the list occur naturally, like lead which is present in all soils. A chemical does not have to be intentionally added to a product to prompt the Prop 65 warning. The substances may be present for a variety of reasons, including environmental contamination (e.g., leaded gas), use of certain pesticides several decades ago, and as a result of manufacturing.

How safe are products that carry a prop 65 warning safe to consume?

It is important to stress that products with a Prop 65 warning are not necessarily unsafe, as it is not a food safety law. At Sakara, we have a robust testing program to ensure the safety of our products. We respect the regulations that the State of California has implemented and while not required, we have made the decision to include the warnings on products sold outside of California to empower all of our customers with this knowledge.

Why are heavy metals like lead found in food and vitamins?

Chemicals that occur in nature can also be present in food and dietary supplements at low levels. For instance lead, a heavy metal, is naturally present in all soils, and according to the EPA, levels can range from 50 parts per million (ppm) to 400ppm. Even when produce is grown in soil with lower lead content, fruits and vegetables like grapes and spinach may contain traces of lead.

How do the prop 65 heavy metal thresholds compare to the levels of heavy metals found in food?

While the levels of heavy metals required to trigger a Prop 65 warning vary from substance to substance, lead is a useful example to consider. Products sold in California that may expose individuals to more than 0.5 micrograms (mcg) of lead per day require a Prop 65 warning for potential birth defects and reproductive harm. Lead levels in a single serving of fruits, vegetables and other common foods can range from undetectable to more than 0.5 mcg per serving.

Select products have been found to contain close to Prop 65 daily limits of Lead (0.5 mcg) in a single serving. Here are some examples:

Prop 65
What is Sakara doing to protect consumers from heavy metals?

At Sakara, we ensure that you receive meals and products that you can feel confident consuming by sourcing natural and organic ingredients whenever possible, helping to limit customers' exposure to chemicals. We review the potential food safety risks associated with each and every ingredient and formulation and design testing protocols to ensure safe consumption. We aim to be as transparent as possible with our labeling and communication so that our customers can make informed and educated decisions for themselves.

Are Sakara products safe?

Your health and safety are our top priority. Sakara meals and products are formulated so that they are not only safe to consume, but can offer mind and body benefits. From rigorous sourcing practices to strict quality control measures in production and manufacturing, we are committed to upholding high standards in every stage of the process, and are constantly looking for ways to raise the bar.

We believe in the quality and safety of our products, and stand behind them knowing they are created to uphold our mission to transform lives through the power of plant-based nutrition. As a reminder, always consult with a doctor or healthcare provider before adding a new supplement to your diet.

Which Sakara products include a Prop 65 warning for lead?

In compliance with Prop 65, you may find a Prop 65 warning statement for lead on these finished products:

Protein + Greens Super Powder, Metabolism Super Powder, Fiber Super Powder, Energy Protein Super Bar, Beauty Protein Super Bar, Metabolism Protein Super Bar, Classic Superfood Granola, Endless Summer Granola, Sleep Tea, and Digestive Tea.

⚠ WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Which Sakara products include a Prop 65 warning for cadmium?

In compliance with Prop 65, you may find a consumer warning label for cadmium on these finished products:

Dark Chocolate Granola, and Plant Protein Granola.

⚠ WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including cadmium, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


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