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Transform your body in 3 weeks. Join THE:REPROGRAM

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Free standard shipping on all Clean Boutique orders. Use code SHIPFREE

Beauty Water® + Detox Water Drops

2 x 2-oz bottles (30-Day Supply of Each)

Beauty Water® + Detox Water Drops

2 x 2-oz bottles (30-Day Supply of Each)

Beauty Water® + Detox Water Drops


  • Our functional Beauty and Detox Water Drops turn your water into ultra-hydrating, supercharged H2O
  • An everyday essential, providing a full spectrum of minerals and superfoods crucial for optimal health
  • Designed to boost glow, Beauty Water Drops deeply hydrate your cells with naturally-occurring trace minerals missing from tap water 
  • Detox Water Drops are the easiest way to up your intake of daily greens and reap the benefits for digestion and detoxification
  • TSA-friendly and perfect for travel

Detox Water Drops

Chlorophyll: The antioxidant-rich green pigment is our go-to remedy for everything from digestive issues to dull skin to hangovers


Beauty Water Drops

72 Trace Minerals: A high-quality, full-spectrum blend of minerals sourced from the Great Salt Lake and primed for absorption into the body


72 Trace Minerals: Aluminum | Antimony | Arsenic | Barium | Beryllium | Bismuth | Boron | Bromine | Cadmium | Calcium | Carbon | Cerium | Cesium | Chloride | Chromium | Cobalt | Copper | Dysprosium | Erbium | Europium | Fluoride | Gadolinium | Gallium | Germanium | Gold | Hafnium | Holmium | Indium | Iodine | Iridium | Iron | Lanthanum | Lead | Lithium | Lutetium | Magnesium | Manganese | Mercury | Molybdenum | Neodymium | Nickel | Niobium | Osmium | Palladium | Phosphorus | Platinum | Potassium | Praseodymium | Rhenium | Rhodium | Rubidium | Ruthenium | Samarium | Scandium | Selenium | Silicon | Silver | Sodium | Strontium | Sulfate | Tantalum | Tellurium | Terbium | Thallium | Thorium | Thulium | Tin | Titanium | Tungsten | Vanadium | Ytterbium | Yttrium | Zinc | Zirconium

Ingredients & Nutrition
  • Each bottle contains enough concentrate to make 30 servings of water.
  • Mix 1–3 dropperfuls with 8–12 fl. oz. of water, diluting to preferred taste. Enjoy 1–2 times daily.
  • We suggest drinking Beauty Water upon rising and Detox Water at bedtime, but both can be enjoyed whenever you need a boost of functional hydration and work wonderfully when mixed together.


Not all water is created equal—replenish the minerals missing from your tap and bottled H2O and up your intake of essential daily greens with Sakara Beauty and Detox Water Drops.


Beauty Water Drops contain 72 trace minerals to plump the cells, help flush out toxins and bloat, support collagen and make skin glow.


Detox Water Drops contain antioxidant-rich chlorophyll that binds to heavy metals, and helps maintain an ideal balance of healthy bacteria in the gut for optimal immunity, digestion and energy.


An easy and convenient to boost your intake of essential daily greens and minerals—simply add to water, drink, and get ready to glow.

"Sakara Life also offers a plant-infused Detox Water Concentrate, (a tincture ideal for when you're traveling or merely away from home), which they specifically made to sip before bed, is also loaded with magnesium, the original chill pill that's been proven scientifically to help you snooze."
"I have never received this many compliments in a short time. I think it might be because of the beauty and detox waters."
Alex L.
"The Beauty Water has a light rosewater taste, which is an acquired taste for the un-officiated, but soon enough you will not want to drink your morning water with your breakfast without it. The Detox Water contains chlorophyll and magnesium to help cell rejuvenation, boost energy and assist in natural healing."

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