TOTAL BODY RESET: Get the results you want in 2020

TOTAL BODY RESET: Get the results you want in 2020

TOTAL BODY RESET: Get the results you want in 2020

TOTAL BODY RESET: Get the results you want in 2020

Beauty Water® Drops

2 x 2-oz bottles (60-Day Supply)

Beauty Water® Drops

2 x 2-oz bottles (60-Day Supply)

Beauty Water® Drops


  • Transform your water and deeply hydrate your cells with 72 naturally-occurring ionic trace minerals 
  • The perfect balance of minerals your body needs to function and thrive
  • Counteracts the mineral-depleting effects of stress, diet, and normal aging
  • Increased potency with twice the ionic minerals per serving
  • TSA-friendly and perfect for travel

72 Trace Minerals: A high-quality, full-spectrum blend of ionic trace minerals naturally harvested from the Great Salt Lake and primed for absorption into the body.

Learn more about Trace Minerals on S Life Mag.

A note on flavor: Beauty Water Drops no longer contain rose, as we heard from many of you that it discouraged daily use—and we believe these powerful drops are an everyday essential for health and radiance. The new Drops have a slight salty flavor due to the trace minerals; feel free to adjust the dosage to your liking. Because they are extra-potent, you'll still get all the benefits at a lower dosage.

Ingredients & Nutrition
  • Each bottle contains enough concentrate to make 30 servings of water.

  • Mix 1–3 dropperfuls (to preferred taste) with 8 fl. oz. of water. Enjoy 1-2 times daily.

  • We suggest drinking Beauty Water Drops upon rising or whenever you need a boost of functional hydration.


-Ultra-Hydration: Plumps the cells, helps flush out toxins and bloat and makes skin glow

-Collagen + Keratin Support: Restores beautifying minerals that are naturally depleted with age for supple, youthful skin and strong, resilient hair and nails

-Alkalinity: Helps the body maintain ideal pH balance for lower inflammation and toxic build-up, resulting in clearer skin and more energy



Think of your body like a circuit board. Ionic minerals conduct electricity throughout the body, bringing energy where it needs to go in order for each cell and system to work. Without these minerals, your heart couldn't beat, your muscles couldn't contract, your brain couldn't function and your body couldn't absorb nutrients. 

A plant-rich diet, while essential for optimal health, isn't enough to provide all the minerals you need, since modern agricultural practices have stripped the Earth's soil—and therefore, the produce grown in it—of its mineral content. An estimated 90% of Americans are mineral deficient. Sakara Beauty Water Drops are an easy and effective way to supplement your intake of essential minerals.


Learn more about Trace Minerals on S-Life Mag.



A high-quality, full-spectrum blend of minerals that is easy and convenient to use—simply add to water, drink, and get ready to glow.

"It's like drinking a bouquet of roses while getting helpful nutrients. An elixir fit for a queen."
Elizabeth F.
"The Beauty Water has a light rosewater taste, which is an acquired taste for the un-officiated, but soon enough you will not want to drink your morning water with your breakfast without it."
"I have a vial of the beauty concentrate at my desk and I swear people ask me what I'm doing to make my skin glow :)"
Courtney T.

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