The future of skincare is edible. Introducing: The Beauty Super Bar. SHOP NOW

The future of skincare is edible. Introducing: The Beauty Super Bar. SHOP NOW

Detox Water Drops

2 x 2-oz bottles (60-Day Supply)

Detox Water Drops

2 x 2-oz bottles (60-Day Supply)

Detox Water Drops


  • Transform your water into your daily toxin defense with antioxidant-rich chlorophyll—the easiest, fastest way to harness the healing power of greens
  • Benefits of chlorophyll include optimal digestion, gut health, immunity and liver function
  • Increased potency with 10 times the chlorophyll per serving
  • TSA-friendly and perfect for travel

Chlorophyll: The antioxidant-rich green pigment is our go-to remedy for everything from digestive issues to dull skin to hangovers

Greens are the definition of "food as medicine." Our chlorophyll is harvested from white mulberry leaf for maximum healing benefits

Ingredients & Nutrition
  • Each bottle contains enough concentrate to make 30 servings of water.

  • Mix 1–3 dropperfuls (to preferred taste) with 8 fl. oz. of water. Enjoy 1-2 times daily.

  • We suggest drinking Detox Water Drops at bedtime or whenever you need a boost of functional hydration.


  • Digestion + Toxin Elimination: Helps move waste through the GI tract; improves liver function; binds to harmful toxins and heavy metals 


  • Oxygenation: Helps the blood carry oxygen through the body for an energy boost


  • Gut Health: Helps maintain an ideal balance of healthy bacteria in the gut for optimal immunity, digestion, hormone regulation, energy, weight and skin clarity


Green plants are filled with healing substances, and one of the most potent among them is chlorophyll, the green pigment that enables plants to turn sunlight into energy through photosynthesis. 


Research has shown numerous benefits of chlorophyll, including optimal digestion, gut health, immunity and liver function. Chlorophyll may help protect against illness, eliminate harmful bacteria, neutralize toxins, clear the skin and enhance energy levels.


The number-one, doctor-recommended thing you can do to improve your health and overall wellbeing is to get your greens every single day. Sakara Detox Water Drops make it easy to increase your intake of daily greens. 

"Sakara Life also offers a plant-infused Detox Water Concentrate, (a tincture ideal for when you're traveling or merely away from home), which they specifically made to sip before bed, is also loaded with magnesium, the original chill pill that's been proven scientifically to help you snooze."
"I keep the detox concentrate on my desk and it really helps me feel like I'm super-charging my water throughout the work day. Love the flavor too!"
Hannah S.
"The Detox Water contains chlorophyll and magnesium to help cell rejuvenation, boost energy and assist in natural healing."

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