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The Granola Collection

3 x 11.5-oz Bags (3-Week Supply)

The Granola Collection

3 x 11.5-oz Bags (3-Week Supply)

The Granola Collection

  • Sample each of our client-favorite superfood granolas: Classic Superfood, Dark Chocolate and Plant Protein.
  • Made with superfoods for added nutrients
  • Great for breakfast or an on-the-go snack

Classic Superfood Granola

  • Gluten-free oats for digestion-supporting fiber, goji berries for age-fighting antioxidants and almonds for plant-based protein

Dark Chocolate Granola

  • Ashwagandha to balance cortisol and alleviate adrenal fatigue (aka stress), dark chocolate to raise mood-lifting serotonin and provide age-fighting antioxidants and Brazil nuts for hormone-balancing selenium

Plant Protein Granola

  • Matcha for a boost of focused energy, mulberries for age-fighting antioxidants (like beta carotene, resveratrol and lutein), flax for heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and milk thistle to protect the liver and cleanse the body
  • Enjoy with your favorite non-dairy milk of choice (almond, coconut, oat, etc) as a superfood breakfast, or by the handful any time of day for a healthy snack!
  • Best enjoyed within 3 months of delivery


Each variety is packed with functional ingredients, like antioxidant-rich goji berries, aphrodisiac adaptogen ashwaganda, mood-lifting dark chocolate, and liver-cleansing milk thistle.

It’s the perfect way to start or fuel your day-- essential nutrients, energy and an added boost of functional ingredients.

"This Sakara Life bundle is an absolute gem for foodies who are really into their breakfast. Featuring the brand's signature classic superfood, dark chocolate, and plant protein granolas, each bag is loaded with gut-friendly ingredients and tasty antioxidants to snack on."
"I have always been smitten with my Sakara granola and adore the fact that it is made with love and natural ingredients."
Natalie T.
"[Sakara’s Plant Protein Granola] has 12 grams of protein per cup—all from plant-based sources like almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds. Himalayan salt, organic vanilla extract, mulberries, and organic honey add a perfect mix of sweet and salty."

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