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Making the most of your subscription. 

Our food isn’t restrictive—and neither are we. Our Sakara Nutrition Subscription Program is designed with plenty of flexibility (and exclusive benefits) to support you and your schedule, whether you’re lounging at the beach, weekend-ing away, or nourishing at home. 

Balance is key to any healthy lifestyle. You shouldn’t feel guilty going out with friends, or sacrificing your vacation dreams in the name of eating clean. With the right planning and mindset, it is possible to maintain your health goals—from  kickstarting your day with a metabolism-revving breakfast to simply “getting your greens” wherever you are, from week to week. 

With this in mind, Sakaralites love our flexibility features, intentionally created to support the spontaneous parts of life that spark joy and pleasure, so you can customize a program that fits your schedule, and lifestyle. 


Transform on Your Time 

Traveling for a spring break vacation with the family or weekend upstate? No problem, Sakaralite. You can easily flex between program lengths—whether that’s a 2-day, 3-day, 4-day or 5-day program—each week to account for irregular schedules. Easily skip up to eight weeks at a time to better align with your schedule, or even better, swap your delivery address within the contiguous United States the week before your program starts, so you can still receive meals while away. (Think: Sakara delivery while you’re beachside). 


Swap For Your Favorite Meals  

Can’t get enough of our Superfood Breakfast Cookie or Italian Chopped Salad? Simply want to repeat a seasonal favorite or share with a friend? We’ve got you.  If you have a meal you know and love, you can swap up to two or three meals per week for other dishes on that week’s menu, or one of our seasonally featured (and much-anticipated) Sakara classics.


See What’s Coming 

Filling our bodies and plates with plant-rich nutrition unlocks the key to feeling our most radiant. Once we start feeding our bodies and brains with food that supports greater energy, improved digestion and an overall wellbeing, our bodies naturally begin signaling for—and enjoying the benefits of—healthy, functional foods. Our preview feature lets you see our full menu and ingredient list up to three weeks in advance (and get even more excited for the abundance headed your way). 


Choose Your Own Extra Wellness Perks 

Each week, select a favorite (complimentary) wellness essential to arrive with your weekly program. (Rotate them each week or choose based on your current unique health goals, from skin radiance and natural cleansing to gut health and boosted energy).

So, go on. Skip your lunch delivery for a week. Cook dinner and eat with your family. The choice is yours—flexible support is designed to make it as effortless (and delicious) as possible to uplevel your transformational results.

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