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Each summer, we return to our mantra of “Eat Clean, Play Dirty”— the notion that once we honor our bodies with the most delicious, nutrient-dense food on the planet, we get out of our own way and find our bliss. We find space to honor our senses, space for pleasure and joy, space for the things that make us feel happy and free. And we do so unapologetically and without sacrifice. It’s about capturing the moments that make us feel alive. Can you remember the last time you felt unadulterated joy, pure pleasure, and freedom?

What does “playing dirty” look like to you? What does it feel like? It comes in many forms and shapes, but for us?

It's waking up early to sit outside, when the sun is still a soft yellow, and getting caught off guard by the warmth of the air.

It's listening to the new Drake album on our commute to work, because it just gives you that vibe to start your day.

It's picking up our head and sharing a kind word or smile with that stranger we see every day in the coffee line.

It’s discovering untapped talents, showing up solo to the cooking class, Muay Thai ring, dance group, kundalini circle.

It's surfing at sunset as the sky turns orange and pink and the ocean reflects to match.

It's sipping rosé or a cold watermelon beer in the outdoor shower after a long day at the beach.

It’s booking a trip to somewhere tropical and exotic with your friends, and sneaking out of your rooms to take a dip in the ocean under the moonlight... naked, of course.

It's having sex.

It's laughing at something so dumb your cheeks hurt.

It's making time for the friends that make us laugh like that.

It's spicy margaritas at 5pm.

It's allowing ourselves to say “I love my body for everything that it is” and then showing up to that place.

It's nursing your baby, hugging someone when you need to be hugged, or getting goose bumps when your loved one touches your skin. 

It's being enveloped by the sounds of nature that surround you, even in the most bustling of cities.

It’s being vulnerable with your partner, a friend, your mother.  

It’s finding your pleasure and being unapologetic about what LIGHTS YOU UP!

One thing is certain: without a foundation of radiant physical health— the unmistakable feeling of being in sync with your body— we can’t truly experience the fullness that life has to offer.

We all deserve to feel that pleasure. We deserve to nurture our minds, souls and bodies with what it craves, beginning with the 38 trillion bacteria on and in our bodies. They desire leafy greens, the rainbow spectrum of organic plants and high-quality, unprocessed, whole food.

Once we’re nourished from our core, then the universe cracks open, and that sticky sweet sensation of summer lasts far beyond one season.  

Reserve your spot to join the movement. Starts July 30.

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