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Is Your Metabolism Lagging?

The signs that can mean you're due for a metabolic tuneup.

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At Sakara, we often talk about metabolism. But what is it really?

By Team Sakara

Jan 14, 2020

Metabolism is an umbrella term for the chemical reactions in the body’s cells that change food into energy. While metabolic efficiency is directly connected to weight (and that’s probably how you’ve heard it discussed in the past), it’s related to many other aspects of our health, too. Here’s how: Metabolism generates ATP (a.k.a. adenosine triphosphate), an essential energy molecule found in all life forms. You can think of ATP as the energy source for your body—it’s how we breathe, digest, run, make love, dance….you name it, and ATP is the source.

So, it makes sense that when our metabolism isn’t functioning at its best, we tend to feel it across many of our body’s systems—whether it’s persistent brain fog, stubborn weight gain, or an uptick in cravings for sweets. If you’ve been experiencing any (or a few) of these symptoms, you might be experiencing metabolic slowdown:

Signs of Metabolism Slowdown:

1. Chronic fatigue: You’re sluggish despite getting those requisite eight hours

2. Mysterious and stubborn weight gain: You’re eating as normal, but your clothes don’t feel right

3. Digestive problems and bloat: Things are moving slowly; you’re puffy and out-of-sorts

4. Mood issues: You’re down for no discernible reason

5. Brain fog: You’re unfocused with a side of anxiety

6. Intense and frequent sugar cravings: You’re constantly reaching for carbs and sweets

7. Dryness and dullness of skin, hair, and nails: You’re less than your radiant self

The good news? You can change your metabolism. By focusing on a balanced, wholesome plant-rich diet brimming with essential micronutrients, minimizing processed foods that disrupt hormones and send blood sugar soaring and crashing, and giving up calorie restriction and yo-yo dieting, which damages metabolism over time. Getting regular exercise, especially strength training, is also important since bodies with more muscle mass burn more calories at rest. Managing stress, getting sufficient sleep and limiting alcohol intake are similarly key.

Of course, we can all use some support when it comes to nourishing our best metabolism. That’s why we created our all-new Metabolism Reset. Our targeted nutrition program delivers one, four, or eight weeks of Sakara nutrition specially designed to enhance metabolic health, along with a range of supplements—including our best-selling Metabolism Super Powder—that give full-spectrum support for your metabolic health. Each program comes with a guidebook, written with our in-house nutritionist, that gives you step-by-step daily instructions along with recipes, and deep-dives into the science behind metabolism, so that you’re truly empowered to be in the driver’s seat of your own health.

What to expect? A healthy, thriving metabolism—and a body that feels blissfully like home.