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Sakara 101

Eat Clean, Play Dirty

[Eat Clean, Play Dirty] Article Hero

Each summer, we return to our mantra: “Eat Clean, Play Dirty.”

By Alex Salazar

Jul 05, 2023

It’s the belief that when we honor our bodies with the most nourishing, nutrient-dense foods on the planet, we pave the way to pleasure and bliss, deliciously.

It’s about finding space to honor our senses, space for joy, space for the things that make us feel happy, free, and alive. And most of all? It’s about embracing those experiences unapologetically and without sacrifice. Can you remember the last time you felt unadulterated joy, pure pleasure, and freedom?

What does “playing dirty” look like to you? What does it feel like? It comes in many forms, but for members of Team Sakara…

It's allowing myself to never feel guilty for doing exactly what I want, when I want.

It’s flying to Paris and indulging in a freshly baked chocolate croissant each morning, while back in my regular routine in NYC I don't eat dairy or gluten.

It’s devouring that ice cream cone.

It’s having sex.

It's dancing even harder at the summer concert once it starts to rain.

It's sending that spicy text and throwing all caution to the summer wind.

It's having a cocktail. Dancing with friends. Sweating it out, real good.

It's salted butter on a toasted slice of sourdough.

It's Rocket Fuels (aka the best summer frozen drink) while dancing to live music at a beach bar.

It's living in the moment and saying YES to those spontaneous summer adventures that bring so much unexpected joy: Last minute sunset happy hour with girlfriends, morning dips in the ocean, stumbling upon live music, etc.

It's allowing ourselves to say, “I love my body for everything that it is,” and then showing up fully, wherever that body takes us.

One thing is certain: without a foundation of radiant physical health—the unmistakable feeling of being one with your body—we can’t truly experience the fullness that life has to offer.

We all deserve to feel that bliss. We deserve to nurture our minds, souls and bodies with what they crave, beginning with the 38 trillion bacteria on and in our bodies. They desire leafy greens, the rainbow spectrum of plants and high-quality, unprocessed, whole food.

Once we’re nourished from our core, then the universe cracks open, and that sticky-sweet sensation of summer lasts far beyond one season.


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