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Sakara 101

Sakara Summer Wine Guide

[Summer Wine Guide] Article Hero

Summer is our favorite time to infuse more joy into our rituals—including having a glass (or two) of wine with our Signature Nutrition Program meals.

By Tessa Kauppila

Jul 28, 2023

And when it comes to choosing a wine to pair with our hydrating salads, plant-rich spins on food-truck favorites, and red-sauce classics—we’re opting for natural pours, of course.

You’ve probably noticed the term “natural wine” (or even, “low-intervention”) on menus recently. When a wine is labeled this way, it means it’s low in sulfites: chemical compounds that act as preservatives, and are naturally present in wines at around 10 to 35 parts per million. Many winemakers will add sulfites throughout the fermentation process, in efforts to kill yeast and manipulate fermentation—but, thanks to the added chemicals, also increase the likelihood you’ll wake up with a headache and bloating. Meanwhile, natural wines lack added preservatives like extra sulfites and even sulfur dioxide, so you’re less likely to experience hangover symptoms the morning after.

To help you turn up the dial on summer pleasure—without some of the adverse side effects—we’re sharing our favorite natural wines to sip alongside a few of our best-loved Sakara meals.

Italian Chopped Salad
PAIR WITH: A mineral-forward Pinot Grigio or Bianco Frizzante

Picture this: you, enjoying one of our all-time top-rated meals while popping a bottle of mineral-forward pinot grigio to make the crunchy, water-rich greens and salty olives sing on your palate as you gaze out at the Tyrrhenian Sea. Or, go a little wild with a Bianco Frizzante (even better if you match terroir with a Tuscan one) to cut through our creamy cashew feta and accentuate the bright-flavored bergamot.

Vitality-Boosting Birria Taco
PAIR WITH: A medium-bodied Grenache rosé or chilled Gamay

Jackfruit stands in for the traditional pork in this Sakarafied Mexican classic. A refreshing, medium-bodied Grenache rosé balances the warm flavors of smoked paprika, cumin, cinnamon, and chili powder, while a juicy Gamay wets your palate with complementary notes of cherry and plum.

The Thai Burger
PAIR WITH: A fruitier Alsatian Pinot Gris or unoaked Chardonnay

With subtle tropical notes like pineapple and guava and a medium level of acidity, a fruitier Alsatian Pinot Gris is a tantalizing match for our sweet potato-based burger—infused with signature Thai flavors of ginger, cilantro, and tamari. Bigger-bodied white varietals, like a ripe unoaked Chardonnay, also play well with its accompanying spiced root veggie “fries.”

Hydrating Jicama Salad
PAIR WITH: A Loire Valley Sancerre or Blanc de Blanc

One of our long-standing stars, this salad’s bright dressing stands up to a higher-acid wine like a Loire Valley Sancerre. If you’re feeling like something fizzy (if?), a crisp and clean Blanc de Blanc—with a palate-stimulating combination of acidity and effervescence—will sing alongside this salad.

Pasta Alla Vodka
PAIR WITH: A Gruner Veltliner, California Chardonnay, Verdejo, or California or Long Island rosé

Pair your wine choice to your favorite flavor in this comforting sauce: a Gruner Veltliner highlights the sharp, lively acidity of the plum tomatoes; a buttery California Chardonnay leans into the creaminess of the coconut milk; a green-noted, herbaceous Verdejo enhances the micro basil; and a slightly tangy, spicy rosé—look to Long Island or California—turns up the heat of the red pepper flakes.

For a refreshing spritz sans alcohol, sip our Energy Effervescents.


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