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Sharing Your Sakara With Swaps

Get more of your favorites to savor and share

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You can swap up to seven meals per week (depending on how many days you’re scheduled to receive meals) so you can get more of your favorites to savor and share.


Jun 13, 2023

Swaps are our go-to when we want to enjoy an equally nutrient-dense and delicious meal with a loved one or friend. (The baked goods breakfasts are especially ideal for slow, pajama-clad mornings with your kids or partner.)

Steps to Make Meal Swaps
  1. Log in to your Sakara account.
  2. Select “Edit Calendar” and click into the week you’d like to edit.
  3. Select “My Meals” on the right hand side and then “Swap” next to the meal that you want to switch out.
  4. Choose the meal you’d like to swap in—either a Sakara Classic meal or another dish from that week’s menu.
  5. You’re all set!

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