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Some Like It Hot: Reheating Your Sakara Meals

Make the most of your Signature Nutrition Program

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Hot soup or chilled noodles. Piping matcha or iced latte. Most everyone has a preference for their go-to meal temp.


Jun 15, 2022

Many of our ready-to-eat Signature Nutrition Program meals will come with “heating optional” guidance: first remove all sauce and toppings components, then follow the meal label instructions, which generally suggest 3-10 minutes on the stovetop or on the oven.

Still, it never hurts to have expert tips by your side—whether you’re trying Sakara for the first time, or reacclimating to a new personal schedule or season. Here are a few of our culinary and nutrition team’s favorites:

Reheating As a Ritual

Hot meals also serve a unique purpose in nourishing our bodies. (Hot foods break down faster in the body—breaking down the cell walls of plants and releasing the nutrients within, allowing for easier absorption—and promote smoother digestion, overall.)

Prep Like a Pro
  • Transform your salad into a warm and grounding bowl. Toss the entire meal—greens and toppings included—into a pan and saute. (Hearty greens really are even more flavorful after just 30 seconds on the stovetop.)
  • When it comes to oil, high-quality oil (the only kind we use) solidifies in cold temperatures, so dressing will be thick straight from the fridge. Set out at room temperature thirty minutes to two hours before mealtime to achieve a delicious drizzle.
  • Pro tip: Water can be used for any meal that is sautéed.
Savor Every Bite

When you reheat your food, you’re engaging in a multi-step process of plating your food and sitting down to eat it—generating a greater sense of awareness in mind and body. Tune into the moment: notice the vibrancy on your plate and say a short gratitude for your wholesome meal. This simple yet profound act of mindful eating primes your body to taste the range of flavors and textures more fully, and fully absorb all of the goodness.

Ready to design a meal program that fits with your lifestyle and wellness goals? This way to preview what’s on next week’s menu, then have it delivered ready-to-eat to your door.