TASTE OF SUMMER: Shop our limited-edition Summer Snack Duo

TASTE OF SUMMER: Shop our limited-edition Summer Snack Duo

TASTE OF SUMMER: Shop our limited-edition Summer Snack Duo.

TASTE OF SUMMER: Shop our limited-edition Summer Snack Duo.

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How many decisions do you make in a day? If you ask the Internet, about 35,000. It’s a staggering (and, upon further research, likely inaccurate) estimate, but still overwhelming even to think about. The good news is that so many of the choices you make every 24 hours, big and small, impact your health—meaning the power to feel better, look better, and live a better life is in your hands. Why not start with your metabolism? You may have thought that this beautifully complex chain of chemical reactions that your body uses to convert food into energy is fated by your genetics, but you can actually influence it through daily habits like nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mindfulness. Here’s how to stoke your metabolism all day long, beginning first thing in the morning.


A morning lie-in on the weekends can feel so good, but it’s wise to wake up at the same time seven days a week if you can. Sleep is crucial to a healthy metabolism because of how it’s linked to your endocrine system. When your body doesn’t get sufficient time to properly recharge, it can throw the hormones that influence hunger and satiety out of sync. A consistent sleep schedule, and carving out proper wake up and wind down rituals, will help keep your whole system in balance.

Instead of falling victim to the AM Instagram scroll or the lure of a full inbox, swipe to an app like Inscape and practice a meditation or breathwork exercise. Even a quick five minutes can calm your nervous system and regulate cortisol (the stress hormone that’s the enemy of a healthy metabolism), and help you start your day on a centered, peaceful, and positive note.


Even when you’re busy, don’t be tempted to rely on coffee alone or skip breakfast—or any meal, for that matter. If nurturing your metabolism for optimal weight is your goal, calorie restriction will actually have the opposite of the intended effect; not eating enough causes your metabolism to slow. Choose a breakfast that’s light and easy, but still packs in lots of nutrients. Try this smoothie with a scoop of Metabolism Super Powder, which contains functional ingredients that fire up the digestive system, eliminate bloat, and help regulate cravings. Sip it in the sunshine if you can—a few minutes of sun exposure in the morning can help regulate melatonin levels and set you up for a metabolism-supporting good night’s sleep later on.


Every meal is an opportunity to focus on abundance. Make sure you’re getting enough of the good stuff by filling your plate with as many different plant foods as you can. Variety is key—it helps you get the broad spectrum of nutrients you need for metabolic (and overall) health. It doesn’t have to be boring; play with colorful ingredients, add fresh herbs, and change up your dressings and sauces.

Spend a lot of your day in front of a screen? Consider blue-light-blocking glasses or a screen filter to protect you from that artificial glow, which can disrupt your circadian rhythm and adversely affect your sleep. 

You may have thought...your body is fated by genetics, but you can actually influence it through daily habits like nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mindfulness. 

Before you call it a day, make it a priority to move. By increasing fat-burning muscle mass and regulating hormones (specifically, downregulating the stress hormone cortisol while triggering feel-good endorphins), exercise has myriad benefits that all add up to a healthy body, metabolism included. Find the form of movement that brings you joy—and remember that a long walk, bike ride, or game of catch with your kid are just as good as a 45-minute online sculpting class. Consistency is the key, here.

To refuel your muscles after your sweat session (or if you need a boost of energy before you get moving) add a Metabolism Super Bar to your regimen. This protein-rich snack bar is made with whole-food, plant ingredients, and doubles as an edible supplement as it contains clinically-studied actives (Atlantic brown seaweed and pomegranate seed oil) that help turn on thermogenesis in the body. This is a metabolic process that activates stagnant, stubborn white fat and enhances your lipid metabolism to burn the excess. Translation: your workouts become more effective, and your metabolism fires on all cylinders. 



Your metabolism benefits from an overnight fast; while no complicated time-keeping is really necessary, do try to eat dinner at a time that accommodates around 12 hours to rest, digest, and recharge. We recommend finishing your evening meal no later than 8pm.

Replace your evening phone scroll or other screen-centric activity with a self-loving practice like dry brushing, a warm bath with essential oils and salts, or reading a favorite book. These self-loving practices are a great way to wind down and quiet a busy mind.


As the day comes full circle, aim for lights out at a consistent time each night. A cup of herbal tea serves dual purposes because not only can it quiet late-night sweet cravings, but if you choose one with soothing herbs like valerian and lavender, it will also encourage a restful state. 

If you have trouble falling asleep, another meditation or breathwork practice can help relax you. (So can having an orgasm, either solo or partnered. Just saying.) Sweet dreams!

If you found these tips helpful—and you’re interested in really revving up your metabolism for ongoing results—explore the 30-day Metabolism Super Powder subscription and the Metabolism Super Bar subscription

Metabolism Super Powder fires up your digestion to debloat and breaks your sugar habit by retraining your palate, while our newly launched Metabolism Super Bar activates your lipid metabolism by shifting the body from storage to burn mode.

Use these two powerhouses together as a system to supercharge the way your body metabolizes and expends energy.


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