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Staying Hydrated, Sakara-Style

Metabolism-revving coffee, tea rituals, and more

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At Sakara, hydration reigns supreme—and goes far beyond drinking eight glasses of water a day.


Sep 30, 2022

It incorporates eating water-rich foods, cultivating a nourishing tea ritual, and also enjoying a seasonal cocktail when the mood strikes. Here are a few Sakaralite-loved beverages—and healthful tips for enjoying them from morning to night:

Coffee: Deciding whether or not coffee fits into your healthy lifestyle is something only you can decide. It starts by listening to your body and observing how you feel before and after your morning brew. Try this practice for a few days and see if there are any patterns—does coffee consistently bring joy or is it a default habit? Coffee does have many health benefits—it’s neuroprotective and rich in antioxidants when it’s made from small-batch, biodynamic, and organic beans. The goal is to avoid caffeine in excess (and up to 8 hours before bed) to support your adrenal health and enhance energy naturally. If you are interested in weaning off coffee, reimagine your “coffee” with a caffeine-free alternative powered by Metabolism Super Powder.

Teas: Creating your own ritual around tea is a nourishing way to be fully present in the moment. This might look like slowly sipping a caffeine-free herbal tea first thing in the morning, or winding down in the evening with a soothing cup that prepares the body for rest. Sakara’s 100% caffeine- and stimulant-free teas are formulated with functional and medicinal herbs that support your body throughout the day. For sleep support, wind down with a warm cup of Sleep Tea; its soothing super herb blend of catnip, valerian, and passionflower has calming effects on the nervous system that may help you fall asleep faster. For detox support, reach for our signature Detox Tea made with South African red Rooibos, lemongrass, and rose, blended together to help aid digestion and calm the adrenal system. 

Cocktails + Mocktails: Life is all about balance, and it’s important to find joy and pleasure in the little moments. If you want to imbibe, we always encourage you to do so mindfully. Like everything else that you put in your body, seek quality and listen to your internal cues regarding when you’ve had enough. (Or try your hand at a non-alcohol mocktail.) 

Effervescents: So, by now you know to hydrate—but what if your water could do even more? Add one sachet of our Energy Effervescents powder to your chilled water, stir, sip, and enjoy functional benefits, from boosted mental focus to physical energy (sans caffeine!). It’s designed with carefully selected plant extracts, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens including Vitamin B12 (known to increase oxygen flow and prevent fatigue); organic maca (to naturally inspire energy); and L-Theanine, which promises relaxation and eases stress. Sip on-the-go or as a hydrating alternative to soda or a cocktail. 

Water: Your body is 60% water, which is why water is a necessity for every cell, organ, and body system. Our nutritional pillar “Eat Your Water” means showering your body in body-loving foods that are water-dense and full of life, like cucumber, romaine lettuce, melon, and fresh berries. By eating your water, you’re not only organically hydrating your body, but creating new cells to replace old, damaged ones. Keep your body saturated with rainbow-drenched, water-rich plants and complement it with a daily ritual of Beauty Water Drops, designed to help you hydrate on a cellular level and remineralize the body. You can add a dropperful to your water first thing in the morning to flush out any lingering puffiness or bloat.