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Kristin Dahl, Dahl House Nutrition

Dahl House Nutrition is a portal of healing, transformation, and community  all things we Sakara girls strongly stand beside. Kristin Dahl, the founder and radical healer behind Dahl House Nutrition radiates holistic wisdom and spiritual transformation. Her journey has been one of maximum highs, as well as pretty supreme lows; her youth was not one you'd expect upon first meeting this bright being. We met up with Kristin at The Butcher's Daughter in LA, over kombucha and kale chips, to hear her inspiring story, and share it here with you.


What was the journey to Dahl House Nutrition?

My youth was filled with many ups and downs. I lost my mom when I was a baby and my life was forever changed. This great disruption imprinted a deep loss in my heart and soul that, still to this day, I do not fully understand how to soothe. My family life growing up was highly dysfunctional, toxic, and abusive. For many years, I struggled to find my place in the world, had a hard time accepting who I was, and struggled with severe anxiety and depression.

I was a vegan and vegetarian from a young age, but didn’t know how to truly care for my body, so I filled up on all the wrong foods. Most of what I ate was void of nutritional substance. I drank to escape myself, which led me towards self-sabotage and self-defeating actions that took me even further away from my truth.

Much of my adult life has been about unraveling, accepting, and deeply nurturing myself. Around the age of 20, I found yoga and nutrition and  began the journey to the center of myself. This is when the real transformation began. It occurred when I learned how to get in touch with the true needs of my body and mind on a moment-to-moment, day-to-day basis. I started to genuinely nourish myself with foods, thoughts, and environments that supported my growth. This offered me a sense of freedom and liberation from the depression and discomfort of my youth. Once I dove deep into healing, I began to ask, ‘How can I live in every moment from my heart space? How can I stay in that space and not let anything steer me away from my truth?’

Transforming my relationship to my health, both mind and body, transformed my relationship to life. I’ve dedicated the last 10 years of my life to expanding my knowledge and immersing myself in a holistic lifestyle. I’ve traveled all over the world and studied holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, shamanism, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, holistic cooking, and functional nutrition. What I’ve learned has forever changed the way that I live and I am beyond grateful for the ongoing benefits.

Dahl House Nutrition was created and inspired by my own radical transformation. It is an ever-evolving portal of healing, transformation, and community.  The more my practice grows, the more I grow and expand myself, thus expanding the scope of what I am able to contribute to the lives of others.


How do you feel like you have channeled all of that into your work now?

The beauty of the holistic approach is that there is no one way. There is wisdom in everything we experience. As long as we remain open, there is always wisdom and growth available to us.

I think the best thing that we can do is slow down, and tune into our intuition. When I work with clients, I think, ‘What will benefit this person the most right now? Do they need a heavy dose of spiritual wisdom Or some practical advice, like drink a lot more water everyday and detox their body for a few days?’ I’m always thinking about how I can help my clients create more balance. I’m always looking at the bigger picture, while tuning into philosophical, spiritual, and scientific wisdom. I think, ‘How can I incorporate all of these aspects into a truly holistic approach?’


Was there an “aha” moment for you?

After seeing a naturopath for the first time and following her recommendations, I experienced what true nourishment and vibrant vitality felt like. I saw how much focusing on nurturing my health could uplift my life. I thought, ‘Whoa, this is my path!’ I’ve always been service oriented and wanted to support and guide others from a very young age. Nutrition became the gift I could offer to help enhance the lives of others.

The one thing that has been most important for me through this whole journey has been staying true to myself, no matter what external, cultural, or societal pressures I’m faced with. There are always strong opinions from others and those who disagree with the way I live my life, but I know this path has allowed me to access the deepest layers of myself — layers of happiness and fulfillment incomparable to anything else. Accessing your truth is a powerful gift.

When I’m working with clients, they often ask, ‘Should I be vegan? Should I be vegetarian? Should I go paleo?’ To which I respond, ‘Well, let’s tune into you. Let’s clear out all of the external influences and figure out what YOU need. What is it that’s going to nourish and soothe your individual constitution?’


What tools do you use to help people tap into that?

One of the biggest things that I have people do, which I started doing for myself years ago, is stream of consciousness writing. This can be in the form of morning pages or writing intentions or personal goals. Or even just keeping track of how you feel day to day and seeing where supportive adjustments can be made. It’s an imperative tool to get clear on where you’re at and where you want to be!

Writing and reading are the two of the best tools that anyone can access at anytime. If you’re constantly expanding your wisdom and breadth of knowledge, you’ll have a strong foundation to move forward from.


Is there a story behind the name?

My mom’s maiden name was Dahl, so the name Dahl House Nutrition is in memory of her. I changed my name when I was 18 to hers. This act was like an initiation into my heart-centered path. Losing my mom is definitely still an emotional wound for me and may always be, but it offers me a reminder of my roots, and it’s so important to remember who you are.  


What role does traveling play in your life?

I’m definitely a gypsy at heart, in a constant state of wanderlust. I always want to go somewhere new! Before I met my partner, I would take trips constantly and while away, I’d be planning the next adventure. Now, we are a bit more strategic with our planning. I love the perspective that travel gives you. That broader world-view and the connection to humanity. Travel is incredibly grounding because it brings you back home, to the only place that truly is home — inside of yourself. It tests your limits, pushes you out of your comfort zone and moves you to grow. No matter how close or far away you go, travel inevitably brings you closer to yourself.


What’s a typical session with you like?

A typical session with me is about two hours. Before I meet with new clients, I gather a diet diary and use a symptomatic questionnaire that addresses all areas of the body and symptoms typically associated with imbalance. I intuitionally tune in to what’s going on, and then use this tool to diver deeper into ailments. From there, we move into everything else — I use a combination of spiritual, intuitional, and philosophical wisdom during the session. After reviewing everything, I’ll take a look at recent blood work and draw up a personalized protocol from there, based on their individual needs. I do my best to make things very practical so clients feel empowered versus overwhelmed. I like to meet clients where they are at and move forward with a clear vision from that place.

I generally suggest three sessions and most people see incredible results with that. However, I have some clients with severe things going on, like they’re healing from cancer or another extreme diagnoses and it takes a little longer get things under control.


What's a day in your life like?

I don’t really have a typical day, which is good for me because I’m an artist at heart and like having a blank canvas to create from. I love having a dynamic schedule where no one day is exactly the same. It keeps me excited and intrigued.

That being said, I do stick to pretty regular morning and evening routines. I think routines are a crucial part of any healthy life. The morning is always the most important part of the day for me. This is when I like to set the tone for the day. Starting my mornings with two large glasses of water ensures that I’m well hydrated and helps to kick start my digestion. I also always like to get outside and get active first thing. I always find a way to spend time with my partner at some point in the day. We have tea or a meal and go walking together in the evening.

Most afternoons I do consultations or cook for private clients. The menu is always changing, though I stick with the freshest, seasonal ingredients I can find. Most meals are farm to table style, while others are a little more sophisticated & gourmet.

The nights that I’m off of work, I like to cook dinner with my love and sometimes we’ll plan a date night to see a movie or some live music or art. We also love to go for night hikes in the mountains and connect with nature. Most evenings, I unwind by either taking a long walk, an Epsom salt and lavender bath, reading, stretching, or having tea.


What's your favorite meals?

I could eat a macro bowl every single day, with a yummy tahini dressing and something fermented. I love macrobiotics! Eating this way makes me feel so good and balanced  though I incorporate aspects from all ancient eating traditions. I was vegan most of my life, but as I age, I’m starting to have more issues with keeping my blood sugar stable. I now need substantial amounts of protein and healthy fats throughout the day to stay grounded and strong.


What’s next?

I released a book last year that is a kind of simplified take on holistic living. It’s an easy guide to upgrading your health and focusing on preventative care. I’m also running seasonal cleanse programs and recently released my 5 Day Reset Program. My goal is to continue to inspire and motivate people to make the transformation to a healthy, whole, holistic way of life.


What's the best advice you've ever received?

"Where attention goes, energy flows." I absolutely love that and think it’s so true with everything in life. I think that no matter where you’re at in your life, if you put the focus and energy on what you want and love, then eventually, you’re able to access that.

But I think the best piece of advice I ever got was to stay in my heart and really try my best to be in the present moment. It’s so important to be present, because this moment is all we ever really have.


What’s your idea of legacy?

Through my practice, teachings, and books, I want to leave behind the inspiration and wisdom to motivate individuals to live their best lives.

I’d like to leave holistic teachings that are accessible to anyone and can be used for generations to come, full of fundamental wisdom on healthy living, not just a quick fix material. My wish is to leave behind practical knowledge that anyone can access to create and live a vibrant, healthy life.

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