The Tea Collection

The Tea Collection

Sakara Subscription

  • 100% caffeine- and stimulant-free
  • Try all three of our caffeine-free herbal teas, blended with clean and functional ingredients
  • Made with organic, plant-based ingredients

Detox Tea

  • Herbs to supports the body’s natural cleansing systems: Red Rooibos, with age-fighting antioxidants and fat-fighting compounds, Lemongrass to detox the digestive tract, and Rose to calm the adrenal system

Digestive Tea

  • Herbs to aid digestion and ease bloat: Peppermint soothes and settles the stomach, Meadowsweet neutralizes stomach acid to relieve heartburn, Gentian activates the liver, and Turmeric reduces inflammation and encourages a balanced gut microbiome for healthy digestion

Sleep Tea

  • Herbs that provide a gentle calming effect: Catnip to calm the nervous system, Valerian to help you relax and Passionflower, which increases levels of calming GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) in the brain to lower anxiety

  • Steep 1 tea bag in boiling water for 3–5 minutes
  • Enjoy one cup of Sleep Tea at bedtime, Digestive Tea two to three times a day, before meals, and a cup of Detox Tea twice a day, after breakfast and lunch.
  • Best enjoyed within 12 months of delivery


Sakara’s teas were designed to help your body’s natural systems work even better - whether it’s cleansing organs, falling asleep or aiding digestion and bloat.

Each variety of tea is 100% caffeine and stimulant free, and made with functional and medicinal herbs, like Lemongrass, Valerian and Meadowsweet.

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