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Back when we launched our wildly coveted Hemp Chocolates in 2016, CBD (cannabidiol) had yet to become the buzzword rolling off everyone’s tongues like it is today. Now you can find it doused in coffees, glazed on toasts, and found in your corner bodega.

With all the fervor over CBD, your interest may be piqued, but how does it actually work within the body? 

Here, we've laid out what you need to know to ensure you're enjoying CBD that's actually effective. 

But first, a few facts...

Our body’s chemistry has actually been aware of hemp’s power for millennia. Like locks and keys, our bodies contain CB1 and CB2 receptors (the locks), as well as anandamide, a cannabinoid (the key) naturally found within the body. Anandamide has been documented to help achieve a blissful state in the body.

In 1992, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam spearheaded the discovery that we actually contain receptors divinely created to work with cannabinoids, dubbed the Endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS works with our immune, digestive, cardiovascular system (and beyond) to contribute to homeostasis, or alignment and ultimate flow in the body. A thriving ECS translates to lower inflammation, better sleep, even a stronger memory.

While we innately have CB1 and CB2 receptors, out in nature there are roughly 100 cannabinoid compounds found in the hemp plant, that are the keys to unlocking this state of ultimate homeostasis. CBD, in particular, is one such compound. It is completely non-psychoactive, and while the research is budding, it serves as yet another example of the potency of plant medicine.

As a CBD-infused product pops up in your shopping eye-line everyday, quality should be your utmost concern if you’re trying to gain the benefits. As champions of food as medicine, we partnered with an organic farm in Colorado to create a 5mg CBD edible pyramid, enveloped in raw, Peruvian cacao. 

What highest-quality means for us:

  • Without toxic solvents, preservatives, and additives, Sakara Hemp Chocolates are produced through supercritical CO2 extraction. 
  • Nutritionally designed to shift your body from a state of depletion, restlessness, and anxiety.
  • Aids in adrenal repair, hormone balance, and protective to neurons
  • No THC; completely non-psychoactive
  • Raw, organic cacao with only 1g of unrefined coconut sugar per chocolate

This relaunched, better-than-ever pyramid bite will be the subtle power move to support your ECS: the inner source of balance, flow, and zen.

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