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In my last bi-monthly-ish attempt to organize my shelves of products, I thought about what it takes for something to successfully make it into my daily routine. And I’m talking the literal daily—don’t think about it just ingest, spritz, slather, scrub, etc.—routine. I picked up a well-loved jar of Everyday Oil, my ride-or-die post-shower product. My dry skin soaks it up, the ingredients are delicious enough to eat, the scent makes me want to actually eat it (don’t worry, I refrain.), and I confidently recommend it to any soul in need of moisture. All in all, it solves a woe, it’s a joy to use, and it feels GOOD. 

I continued to think through what I use and feel each day until I hit a glaring wall: I didn’t have a dependable solve for anxiety. For anyone plagued with anxiety—in any and all forms—it’s no secret that daily management is an ongoing battle. For me, it’s impossible to predict when I’ll wake up with an accelerated heartbeat, what midday encounter will trigger a cloudy mind and achy belly, or what spiraling thoughts will manifest and keep me up well past midnight. Due to personal preference—and a dose of trial & error—I avoid prescribed medications and am admittedly too anxious to dabble in cannabis. 

Instead, I’ve become a bit of a holistic remedy nerd, happily testing any new tool or tip touting to put my brain, heart, and gut at ease (seriously, send your recs my way.). But so far, breath-work, salt baths, and calling my mom only provide a short-lived chill.

So when a glass jar of darling pyramid-shaped hemp chocolates promising to ease “anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, chronic pain, and PMS” landed on my desk, I was intrigued. Adding a bite of chocolate into your daily routine sounds like a dream, right? So I dug in—but tried not to be too hopeful.


Consume at least one hemp chocolate per day for ten days and report back.


As champions of food as medicine, we partnered with an organic farm in Colorado to create an edible CBD pyramid, enveloped in raw, Peruvian cacao. Each chocolate serves up 5mg of the cannabinoid CBD, a cousin to mind-altering THC with zero psychoactive effects but lots of promise as a remedy for nearly all the ailments of modern life: anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, depression, addiction...the list goes on.

 What highest-quality means for us:

  •  Without toxic solvents, preservatives, and additives, Sakara Hemp Chocolates are produced through supercritical CO2 extraction. 
  • Nutritionally designed to shift your body from a state of depletion, restlessness, and anxiety.
  • Aids in adrenal repair, hormone balance, and protective to neurons
  •  No THC; completely non-psychoactive
  • Raw, organic cacao with only 1g of unrefined coconut sugar per chocolate


1. The taste. As a dark chocolate lover, I have to start off by noting that I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious earthy, cacao flavor and satisfying melt-in-your-mouth texture. So good.

2. The affect. Anxiety is unpredictable, unreliable, and tough to control. But when I reached for a chocolate upon waking with a throbbing heartbeat, by the time I got into the office, it evened. When I felt my muscles tense up midday, a chocolate plus short walk grounded my breath and focused my brain. When caffeine hit my bloodstream too aggressively, a chocolate brought my cells back into balance. When I popped a chocolate pre- nighttime routine, I smoothly settled into bed and drifted toward REM sleep.

3. The joy factor. There’s something about keeping a beautiful jar of chocolates in my purse that feels like a treat, like wearing a dainty bralette under a hoodie. There’s also something about displaying chocolates next to my vitamins that is just so...yummy. 

4. The ease. I’ve experimented with ingestible CBD, but in my quest to find on-demand zen, I had yet to discover a product that seamlessly weaved into my daily routine.The texture of oil doesn’t sit well under my tongue or stirred into a beverage. I have yet to feel the extended calmness promised by various gummies. I’m too attached to my mushroom coffees and peppermint teas to add an infused version into the rotation. But popping a chocolate or two a day? Easy.


As I continue to experiment with hemp chocolates, I’m finding that about two per day as needed is my ideal dose. The best part? Like rehydrating my body first thing in the morning or feeding my plants every Sunday afternoon, these bite-sized gems have officially transitioned into my daily—don’t think about it just ingest, spritz, slather, scrub, etc.—routine. So while extra cash will continue to happily go toward switching up the collection of pretty little tinctures, jars, herbs, and oils cluttering my shelves, my now well-loved jar of hemp chocolates is here to stay.  

Curious about your body on CBD? Read about it here. Plus, find more delicious ways to heal your mind and body by finding your functional chocolate match.

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