Heather Culp, Founder of Mercado Sagrado

Mercado Sagrado is the premiere healing arts festival in LA— we chatted with the founder on finding your truth, building community, and the power of creativity. View More ❯

A Smoothie For Your Hair

The ultimate hair nourishing smoothie recipe by Jimena Garcia + Kristen Shaw, designed to lengthen, strengthen, and shine.  View More ❯

Inspired Life: Jimena Garcia, Celebrity Brow Guru

How her love of art brought her to brow work, plus an at-home oil mixture for ultimate brow hair health. View More ❯

What's Behind Hormonal Imbalance?

Aimee Raupp discusses the often overlooked connection between fertility and our immune systems. View More ❯

Joe Holder, Founder of Ocho System, Nike Master Trainer

Fashion’s elite trainer shares his holistic approach to a healthy body and beyond. View More ❯

Why Weeds Are Good For You

The founder of Wooden Spoon Herbs breaks down herbal infusions, folk medicine, and shares a powerful recipe to mineralize your body. View More ❯

The Sakara Life Guide to Plant Protein

Can you get enough protein eating plants? View More ❯

Plant Based Challenge: Melissa Wood

"I’m creating a healthy and hearty (already 6 lb!) baby inside of me and it’s all due to those nourishing plants." View More ❯

Dr. Drew Ramsey, Psychiatrist, Author, Farmer

"You look at the end of your fork and ask yourself, 'Is this what I want to put in my brain?'" View More ❯

Plant- Based Challenge: Deborah Hanekamp

Mama Medicine, an intuitive and healer, shares her ability to reach dimensions beyond the typical human— and the mindful diet that is required to support that.   View More ❯

Ruby Aldridge's Ultimate Running Playlist

"It's fun to pretend you're in some kind of epic post-apocalyptic video while a song is blasting in your headphones and you're running through the city." View More ❯

Plant Based Challenge: Dr. Aviva Romm

"When I changed my diet, lifelong allergies and frequent colds became a thing of the past...and my mood and energy blossomed to whole new levels." View More ❯

Ruby Aldridge, Model, Musician, Long-Distance Runner

Ruby is sharing her story on how she went from non-runner to marathon trainee, what gave her the motivation, and why she's doing it all while being plant-based. View More ❯

Plant Based Challenge: May Kwok

"I am so much happier in my 30s than in my 20s (and I look a lot better too!)" View More ❯

Sah D' Simone, Meditation Expert and Transformational Coach

Brightening up the internet with a New Age take on some of the most ancient healing techniques View More ❯

Dr. Robynne Chutkan, Integrative Gastroenterologist

"Eating plants - and getting sweaty every day - are my insurance policy for staying healthy. " View More ❯

Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle, Founders of Sakara

On how the Sakara founders transformed their lives through the power of plant-based eating, and how you can too. View More ❯

How Plant-Based Eating Changed My Life

Plus what it actually means to be plant-based versus what it means to be vegan. View More ❯

Guru Jagat, Kundalini Teacher and Founder of RA MA Institute

On interstellar life, the myths about enlightenment, the power that lies within every woman, and what the next 26,000 years might look like.  View More ❯

Glossary: Facial Gua Sha

Take your skin to the gym View More ❯

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