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Understanding Your Chakra System: The Sacral

Within each of us lies a subtle energy system, through which our energy flows and expands, allowing us to shine from the inside out. Widely referred to as our Chakra System, this invisible yet wildly powerful network runs from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. And within this system are seven individual energy centers, known as your chakras. Each chakra is associated with certain parts of the body, as well as specific mental and spiritual components, to which it feeds energy. When balanced and nourished, our chakras open, allowing energy to flow in and out effortlessly, extending this vitality and abundance to all pillars of life. Our lifestyle, habits, diet, thoughts, words, emotions, relationships, and life experiences all profoundly affect our chakras. It is so important to our health, wealth, and happiness that we become aware of this energy system and how our own actions affect it. And so, we present to you the S-Life Understanding Your Chakra System series. Over the next seven weeks, we will introduce a different chakra (working our way up the body), and what you can do to elevate and sustain your unique and divine energy in each area.


Our second chakra is located just below the naval and serves as our passion, pleasure, and emotional center. While the root chakra seeks to fulfill our most primal, physical needs, the Sacral Chakra yearns for something more - emotional connectedness, passion in work and play, and enjoyment in all the little things. Associated with a vibrant orange hue, this chakra allows us to experience life through the lens of our emotions and sensations. Coupled with the grounding force of the root chakra, this energy center allows us to mindfully experience and savor each and every moment. By tapping into our sacral chakra, we are able to let go of what no longer serves us, to seek out the experiences and people that provide us true happiness and pleasure, and to feel change and transformation within the body (oh hey, Sakara meals!).

The sacral chakra is also deeply connected to our sexuality (we told you, it’s all about pleasure in our second chakra). An open, balanced sacral energy center allows you the courage and freedom to trust others, bear your soul, and get truly intimate with another. The most prominent challenge facing this chakra is conditioning from society. Many of us were raised in (and may even continue to live in) homes and societies that frown upon following our passions, actively seeking out pleasure, openly expressing emotions, and yes, acknowledging and embracing our sexuality. But by simply noticing and moving past these fear-based, societal pressures and limitations, we open ourselves to true creative expression, deep self-love for our minds AND bodies, and a life rooted in love, trust, and wholeness.

Many of our emotional imbalances are tied to a less-than-optimally functioning second chakra. Similarly, “blocks” in creativity, feelings of mistrust, feelings of shame and guilt, and a general disconnectedness from our physical bodies are often times rooted in the sacral chakra. On a physical level, our reproductive and sexual health are governed by this energy source.

When out of balance, you may feel or experience: attachment issues, timidity, sexually-related guilt, codependent, emotionally needy, hypersensitive, disconnected to others and yourself, sexual disfunction, reproductive issues, and fear of change.

When properly balanced, you will feel and experience: self-confident, empowered, creative, joyful, the ability to deeply experience pleasure in both the big and little things, loving to yourself and others, connected to and in-tune with your body, emotionally stable, abundant fertility, and freedom in your sexual and emotional expression.

So how do we go about balancing, loving, and supporting this sacred and empowering energy system?

Above all, self-love is key here. Love yourself enough to set your mind, body, and soul free from the limiting opinions of others -- trust in your self and just let go of whatever is holding you back from being unapologetically YOU in every area of your life. Start exploring the experiences, activities, people, and places that bring you joy and pleasure. And of course, love yourself enough to feed that beautiful body nourishing foods.

The sacral chakra is largely ruled by the element of water, so focus cleansing and hydrating foods and drinks. Pure spring water, herbal teas, and bone broths are particularly balancing to this chakra. But as all Sakaralites know, hydrating doesn’t have to be limited to our beverages (#EatYourWater). Ripe, juicy, and sweet fruits are equally as nourishing -- think melons, oranges, mango, pineapple, strawberries, and passion fruit.

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